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  Pirate-proof CDs
Updated 22 November 2001, 10.21
Natalie Imbruglia's album is copyright protected
Natalie Imbruglia's new album is the first to be released with a system that stops it being copied.

It means pirate copies can't be made but also that you can't play these CDs on your PC, DVD or transfer it to Minidisc.

So is this a good way to beat the pirates - or will it change the way you listen to your music?

Here's what lots of you have been saying.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed. But there are other Comments pages in the Chat index.

opening quoteI think that although it's good that it stops pirates, it's a bad idea because people like me who have an old CD player or a computer to play their CDs.closing quote
Sam, 13, Manchester

opening quoteI think that CDs should be made pirate proof because pirates cheat the artists out of their hard work.closing quote
Asmaa, 14, Barking

opening quoteI think that if the music companies are so bothered about pirate CDs then they should be having the war with the mp3 and CD burners manufactures not with people who download or burn CDs because they are the ones making the profit.closing quote
Melissa, 12, Leeds

opening quoteI don't think it's right to put a ban on copying CDs. Anyway Natalie Imbruglia isn't that big a star so why would people want to copy her CD anyway!closing quote
Ally, 13, Welwyn

opening quoteI don't think the CDs should be copied proof as some people won't buy them if you can't copy them for your friends.closing quote
Lauren, 13, Flitwick

opening quoteI think they should make CDs pirate proof because people will want to copy big bands CDs and sell them cheaper so people will buy them.closing quote
Lucy, 12, Surrey

opening quoteI don't think that CDs should be pirate proof because that means some people won't bother buying the CD because you can't play the cd on your pcs. closing quote
Aaron, 15, Newtownabbey

opening quoteI think its the manufacturers fault in the first place that CDs are being pirated. If they weren't at such a high price then people wouldn't copy them because they would then be at an affordable price.closing quote
Tom,14, Coxley

opening quoteThe copy protection doesn┐t really work. You can still download the album - my dad found it in 2 minutes no problem. If they want to stop piracy they should make CDs cheaper like they are in the rest of Europe and the USA.closing quote
Samantha, 10, Southhampton

opening quoteI think it is a good idea, but some people might only listen to music on their DVD or PC so it isn't a good idea as well!closing quote
Libby, 10, Wolverhampton

opening quoteI think that CDs for big bands should not be made copied proof because the bands do not need the money. Whereas small upcoming bands do so their CDs should be made copy proof.closing quote
Dan, 16, Worcester

opening quoteI think that CDs should be cheaper so nobody bothers to make pirates.closing quote
Liam, 9

opening quoteI think everything should be done to stop pirates, because in the end it makes our CDs more expensive.closing quote
Laura, 11, Nottingham

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