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Updated 06 November 2001, 18.04

It's fireworks time again - but is it a bang for you or do you find it boring?

Lots of you told us what you think and the best comments are below.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quote I think bonfire night is a time for the whole family. I don't mind if I go out and watch a big display or a small one in the garden, the main point is you're with your family. closing quote
Tom, 11, Gloucester

opening quote I love bonfire night and I think it is way better than Halloween. I went to an organised display last night and it was amazing. It was a lot better and safer than the ones you have in your back garden. closing quote
Alexandra, 12, Portishead

opening quote I think that big displays are much better because you can see more fireworks there. closing quote
Daniel, 8, London

opening quote I would love to have fireworks in my garden but my Mum won't have them. closing quote
Michael, 11, Welney

opening quote In general, professional fireworks displays are safer and the people are well trained. Big displays can get bigger and better fireworks which are more colourful and exciting. closing quote
Sarah, 14, Haywards Heath

opening quote Fireworks at home are more fun because they involve you more, but displays have better fireworks. closing quote
Ian, 11, Wokingham

opening quote I don't mind either way as long as I know that it is going to be safe. closing quote
Chris, 15, Lydney

opening quote Fireworks are the best way to celebrate the failure of the gunpowder plot, don't forget we do it for a reason. closing quote
Jess, 14, London

opening quote My Dad and Granddad set off some fireworks in the garden. They were very careful and better than our school display! My favourites were the Roman candles and rockets. We're going to do it again next year. closing quote
Angus, 7, Cobham

opening quote Course it shouldn't be banned! This has been going on for years, why spoil the fun now?? closing quote
Eve, 11, Cardiff

opening quote I think fireworks are soooo boring! They just fly to the sky and explode! Also, us teenagers and you children, never think once about our safety, we just throw them at poor innocent people not caring about anyone's safety. Those idiots should stop NOW, before something bad happens that they are responsible for. They deserve a harsh punishment. closing quote
Kirsty, 14, Scotland

opening quote Fireworks can be dangerous, but if you go to your area fireworks display it is safe. If you take the risk of displaying them at home it's your own fault if you get hurt! closing quote
Krysanne, 11, Cambridge

opening quote I think they are dangerous as once this lad aimed a firework at a car and it bounced off and hit my friends. It burnt my friend's face by the ear and burnt her jacket whilst it hit my other friend on her hand and burnt it. closing quote
Shabnam, 12, Preston

opening quote My school friends say they do not care one bit for fireworks and bonfires and just love trick or treating. But that is wrong. Trick or treating is a silly American thing, whereas bonfire night is a traditional English day, so I think it is better. closing quote
Lydia, 8, Bolton

opening quote I think fireworks are much better than Hallowe'en cause you can see all the different kinds of displays. closing quote
Beth, 12, London

opening quote I think fireworks are safe as long as you're with an adult. closing quote
Lucy, 9, London

opening quote Fireworks are definitely better at big organised displays because they can have bigger, more dramatic fireworks and it's cheaper than personal displays at home where you have to wait ages between each firework. closing quote
Katie, 13, Scotland

opening quote I love bonfires and fireworks and I just can't wait! closing quote
Robyn, 12, Rochdale

opening quote I think it's better to go to an organised fireworks display on bonfire night - that way you can be safe and have fun at the same time! fireworks are dangerous and should only be sold for proper displays. closing quote
Sarah, 15, Scotland

opening quote I love fireworks. But sometimes it goes wrong and that is what I personally hate. I just don't like seeing people being careless or hurt. closing quote
Kristine, 10, Oswestry

opening quote Fireworks night is one of my favourite days of the year, It is a time to spend with your family! closing quote
Tessa, 11, Edinburgh

opening quote I enjoy it more at home where I can be with my family with some mates round and not have to pay horrific entrance fees. closing quote
Jack, 14, Bromley

opening quote I hate fireworks but love bonfires! If you are having a bonfire don't forget to check for hedgehogs. closing quote
Katharine, 13, Essex

opening quote I really like watching fireworks. November 5th only comes round once a year so I think we should enjoy it! closing quote
Kate, 12, Shrewsbury

opening quote I hate fire works because at my school people in 6th year aimed a firework at me and it was just a centimetre away from hitting my head. closing quote
Claire, 12, Scotland

opening quote I would go to a organised display because they are safer and you can have fun with ya mates! closing quote
Laura, 16, Huddersfield

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