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  Your Comments: PE lessons
Updated 06 November 2001, 18.01
What do you think about your PE lessons?
Some schools in Great Britain are now offering cool activities in PE lessons - like skateboarding and BMX-ing.

Lots of you told us what you think of this, and you can read some of the best comments here.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quote I love PE, it's one of my favourite lessons. I agree a lot more sports should be studied in school, but skating & BMX riding should be for out of school. closing quote
Kayleigh , 14, Oxford

opening quote I think that BMX-ing is a good idea and skateboarding but I also think that mountain biking and maybe stuff a bit like paint ball as long as the are safety rules in place, it is a good strategy game. closing quote
Michael, 13, Ipswich

opening quote I think that BMX-ing and skateboarding in PE lessons would really get kids more interested in PE. closing quote
Nathan, 12, Rugby

opening quote I think it is a good idea, PE is good but it should be more exciting. closing quote
Jamie, 8, Coatbridge

opening quote Learning skateboarding would be really cool but the teachers would have to go off and get new qualifications. This could take a while and I don't want to miss any PE lessons. closing quote
Maia, 12, Hemel Hempstead

opening quote I think that skateboarding is the greatest thing that ever happened. I always want to get away from lessons, so a bit of skating and BMX-ing, would be perfect. closing quote
Anthony, 12, Halifax

opening quote Our school needs some excitement in PE lessons rather than boring netball and hockey. closing quote
Charlotte, 13, Middlesborough

opening quote I think that it would be a good change because what we do at our school is the same sports every term. closing quote
Christian, 10, Bowes

opening quote Introducing alternative sports into PE lessons is nice to imagine, but when reality hits, it is unlikely that most schools have the equipment, resources, time or money to invest in getting teachers experienced in these subjects. closing quote
Jenny, 14, Romford

opening quote I think that skateboarding and BMX-ing is a great way to have fun and get fit but it will be extra special in school. closing quote
Jonathan, 12, Norwich

opening quote I think it is a good idea. It sometimes gets a bit boring doing the same thing all the time. closing quote
David, 11, Dundee

opening quote I think skateboarding should be introduced into schools because everyone is bored of normal PE lessons. closing quote
Ben, 13, Aylesbury

opening quote I go to an all girls school and I would really like to have other types of sport like BMX-ing but I don't think it's going to happen. closing quote
Karley, 13, Kent

opening quote I don't think that BMX-ing and skateboarding should be school sports but I do think that there should be some new ones. I just feel that they are to dangerous and there aren't enough qualified teachers to teach it properly. closing quote
Kendal, 14, Sherburn in Elmet

opening quote I would prefer to have skateboarding in the school's PE curriculum because I find school boring and when I get home I never get a chance to go out on my board because of my homework so I can do it in school instead. closing quote
Niall, 12, Haywards Heath

opening quote PE is boring! I think we should be able to do lessons such as judo and karate. That way it can help protect you too! closing quote
Sophie, 14, Crewe

opening quote I skate any way but if you did have skate and BMX in PE it would give the chance to people to try the most exciting and fun two sports in the world. closing quote
George, 11, Solihull

opening quote I think it's a good idea to do cool things in PE but I also think that boys and girls should both be allowed to do sports normally meant for the opposite sex, football and rugby for girls, and netball and lacrosse for boys. closing quote
Philippa, 12, Surrey

opening quote Everyone in our school wants to have a half pipe because nearly every one skates. I think it's a great idea but our head teacher disagrees! closing quote
Peter, 11, Farnborough

opening quote I think that skating in schools is a great idea, PE shouldn't be something that a majority of the class don't like. closing quote
Ollie, 11, London

opening quote Schools should have more PE equipment like bikes and skateboards to do instead off volleyball, netball and other boring sports. closing quote
Daniel, 10, Rochdale

opening quote I think that skating and biking should only be an extra for those who like it because lots of my friends are happy with the sports we do at the moment. closing quote
James, 13, Addlestone

opening quote I love PE lessons but it would be fairer to everyone if you could choose what sports you do. closing quote
Emily, 14, Guernsey

opening quote I think bringing skateboarding into schools would be good. I've been skateboarding for about a year and been bored of normal PE sports for ages. closing quote
Richard, 14, Datchet

opening quote Extreme sports are the big thing at the moment and schools can't ignore that forever. closing quote
Stewart, 12, Linlithgow

opening quote I think skateboarding would rule! I would like to learn how to do it. closing quote
William, 13, London

opening quote I think that introducing BMX-ing and skateboarding into PE lessons is a great idea! A lot of my friends either BMX or skate so it would be good for us to do something that we enjoy instead. closing quote
Simon, 12, Haverhill

opening quote I think that my school and all schools across the UK should give pupils the chance to do sports they want to. At the moment they make us run round a hall like a dog after a ball. closing quote
Chris, 12, Hartburn

opening quote I think that you should bring in new school sports, the old ones are fun but we are in the twenty first century. I think it's a good idea but it will never happen. closing quote
Tom, 14, Northampton

opening quote I think that skate boarding and BMX biking is a good way to get boys involved but not many girls are interested in these two sports. closing quote
Rebecca, 11, Dorchester

opening quote My dream PE lesson would be skating, BMX-ing and cool sports like that because that's what most people want to do these days. closing quote
Derek, 14, Glasgow

opening quote I love skateboarding and skating and having the opportunity to do the sports I love in school would make me look forward to my PE lessons. closing quote
Samantha, 13, Pontefract

opening quote I think skateboarding shouldn't be for PE lessons but it should be set up for lunchtime clubs. closing quote
Mark, 13, Welwyn Garden City

opening quote I think this is a great idea, it is still exercise but you enjoy it and skateboarding and BMX-ing becomes a talent. closing quote
Anthony, 12, West Monkseaton

opening quote PE should be more fun, you should be able to do things like skating and mountain biking, not just running round in a gym and playing badminton all lesson, it's boring. closing quote
Adam, 12, Brierley Hill

opening quote I think that introducing skating and roller blading into school PE lessons is a good idea as it gives pupils the chance to experience something new and take part in something that not everyone gets the chance to do. closing quote
Hannah, 14, Portsmouth

opening quote I hate PE cause the teachers are horrible and force you to do things. I would like to do some sort of PE using a bike cause it's cool. closing quote
Sarah, 11, Wakefield

opening quote I think that PE is fine as it is. There's no point in changing it, you still get exercise. closing quote
Jodie, Frome

opening quote My PE lessons are tiring and boring, we just keep doing the same things again and again. closing quote
Laura, 12, Boston

opening quote I think we should be allowed to do skateboarding and BMX riding in school as long as there is always a teacher watching and as long as we all know what we are doing. closing quote
Shabnam, 12, Preston

opening quote I agree that a wider range of sports should be offered in PE and I also think girls should get to play football and basketball instead of just hockey and netball. closing quote
Rosie, 12, Norwich

opening quote You should be able to do the things you like in PE because at the end of the day, it's all a form of exercise. closing quote
Ruby, 14, Leeds

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