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  In the hotseat: Eoin Colfer
Updated 04 March 2004, 21.13
Eoin Colfer in the hotseat
As part of our World Book Day celebrations top kids' author Eoin Colfer, was in the Newsround Online hotseat.

Award-winning Eoin is the man behind the massively popular Artemis Fowl books.

He chatted to you guys for a whole hour.

Here's a selection of the best questions you put to him.

bookboy- Plz plz plz tell me when the next book is out!
My next book is out in June- the Supernaturalist- next Artemis book in June 2005.

Wiccan_pussycat- Do you believe in all the stuff about heaven and hell, or did you just use it as a good base for a story?
I do not believe in hell. I just used the setting for my story.

Matalan- How old were you when you started writing stories and what made you start?
I started writing stories at 7 or 8 - my parents started me off

Zagafeur- I woz wondering if you're ever going to bring in a love interest for Artemis in book 4, because he'll be at the sort of age when you start noticing the opposite sex soon...
Hello again I think Artemis is safe from romance for a few more books The movie is supposed to be shooting this year. I hope. I would love a cameo. Many of the characters in my books are based on real people - but don't tell them.

Vandal- Why did you call Artemis Artemis? Does it mean anything?
Artemis is a Greek name- it means the hunter.

Onemadcheese How did you get the ideas for Artemis Fowl and did you get turned down by other publishers before you actually got the books published?
My ideas come from anywhere and everywhere - life. I was turned down a few times earlier in my career but not for Artemis.

Riot_Girl- What bit of your books did you enjoy writing the most?
I always enjoy the fight scenes - typical male.

Scorpius.D- Who is Artemis based on? Why does he have a bodyguard?
Artemis is based on a mixture of my brothers and the villains from Bond movies. I gave him a bodyguard because I always wanted one myself.

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