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  Nancy Cartwright in the hotseat
Updated 31 July 2004, 11.28
Nacy Cartwright does the voice of Bart Simpson
Nancy Cartwright has been the voice of everyone's favourite bad boy Bart Simpson since 1989. She also does a host of other voices including Chuckie from Rugrats!

She popped into NR Showbiz to talk about the tyke and answer some of your questions.

To catch her interview with Rachel, watch NR Showbiz on Saturday 31 July on the CBBC Channel at 3.50pm.

Which voice do you enjoy doing the most?

Dylan, 12, Glasgow

That is a tough one - I love so many of my characters. I love Chuckie on Rugrats, I love him. Out of the Simpsons, well Ralph always gets the best lines, he can say anything and people laugh. But Bart's effortless! The toughest one is Nelson - having to lower my voice is tough on my throat.

How does it feel to be acting out a really popular character on TV but when you're walking down the street no one recognises you?

Scott, 13, East Kilbride

It's the best! You get treated like a celebrity by the BBC or the Edinburgh festival and yet I get my privacy.

If Cate Blanchett or Julia Roberts were to come here, they'd be mobbed. They'd have to wear a big hat and dark glasses - for me it's like - well what do I have to do here to get attention! I like it, it's cool cos I can at my choice to reveal that I'm Bart!

Have you ever been talking seriously and just spoken in one of your character's voices accidentally?

Cara, 13, Warminster

No but here's the thing - I'll be talking to a stranger and I like laugh and it might slip out a little, they won't get it, but once they find out I'm Bart they can hear it in my voice, but I don't hear it.

But people don't go 'wait a minute, that sounds familiar, are you Bart Simpson?' - that doesn't happen to me!

As Nancy was short of time Rachel used the other questions everyone sent in to help her with the rest of the interview.

Are there any plans for a Simpsons movie?

Yes, but I can't tell you when, I have no idea when.

'Yo!' It's blinging Bart the bad boy rapper
It's just my opinion but as long as we keep doing the TV show it's going to be tough doing a movie cos the writers are busy doing the TV - we've already recorded 12 out of 22 shows.

When we're finished by the end of November the animators are still working. It will happen, I can guarantee it!

Any more plans for Simpsons songs?

There's a rap song that's coming up. I got to work with 50 Cent which was fun. He's not so tough. He seems so brutal but he's a pussy cat, he won't like me saying that I thought he was adorable. He was a huge fan!

It's fun. Bart does this rap song. 'Do the Bartman' was a rap song but this one's more street, more like 50 Cent.

The writing was brilliant. It was a bit choppy, it's gonna be in the new season of the Simpsons in the States. It will air the US in the winter but keep watching !

I don't think it'll be released as a single.

How do get a job like 'being Bart'?

Erm - you make your way to Hollywood, get an agent and go on auditions.

You're prepared enough so when they give you a picture and a monologue and you can make a decision as to what that character sounds like! That's how I ended up getting him!"

I thought 'his is the voice' and when I did it that was it.

You do so many characters - do you ever get them confused?

Bart, Ralph, Maggie, Nelson, Rod, Todd, database and you get Rugrats too? I'm Chuckie on Rugrats. I don't get confused doing the voices but I do talk to myself a lot and people think that's a bit odd.

It must be hard if 'your' characters are talking to each other!

You do it all at the same time. It's like you're talking to yourself. There was a show when Bart was down the well and he's got a microphone and the others are listening to him on the radio and talking back - that was tricky!

When you do the characters do you do the character's facial characteristics?

I think it's the opposite. The animators will come to a recording and they'll sit there with their pad of paper and they'll see us.

When I do Ralph Wiggum my eyes get really big and for Nelson, well, I get kinda like a pirate and all scrunchy and Bart's open.

Even though you're standing in front of a mic and you can't move a lot your body moves in certain ways and they're inspired by the movements.

The Simpsons don't do this but other studios, like Disney, do video tape the guys when they're doing their lines.

So like with Shrek you go ooh - she looks like Cameron Diaz or he looks a little bit like Mike Myers - you can see that cos they really are using their images - but I don't look like Bart! I don't have nine spikes on my head!!

Catch Nancy on NR Showbiz on Saturday 31 July at 9.50am and 3.50pm.

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