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  In the hotseat: Lizzie Greenwood
Updated 09 February 2004, 19.37
Chat to Lizzie
Newsround presenter Lizzie Greenwood spent two weeks in Antarctica filming the Newsround Extra with the British Antarctic Survey team.

After the show, she logged on to our message boards to tell you what it was like.

If you missed the chat, here are a selection of the questions you asked and what Lizzie had to say.

Rupert's Girl - I don't really know much about Antarctica! Was the food nice and how different was it to UK foods?

The food on base was great thanks. There was a really cool French chef called Cedric. He cooked loads of lovely food for us all. But when we stayed in a tent the food was horrible. Loads of dried packet food and old biscuits.

Sparrow: just how cold was it? About minus 5

Lucylou: Does anyone live in Antarctica because it looks very empty - I've always wondered if anyone was there?!

Nobody is actually from Antarctic - there are no 'Antarcticans'! But there are lots of people working there. In the summer (between about Oct and March) there can be as many as 10,000 scientists working there. But you wouldn't know. It's such a massive place (58 times bigger than UK) so you don't bump into people!

Farley: Good to see the special report. Glad you enjoyed the trip. Our friend Adam is there for 3 years. It was great to see him on the TV. He has another 18months before he comes home. He says that the beer is better than the tea or coffee, is this true?

Not sure about the beer but the tea is horrible. That's what I missed most. The milk is powdered

Mella: Do you know how long it might take for the icebergs to melt completely? Is it likely that any country could avoid the floods or will we all end up like Atlantis?

No one really knows how long it will take for the icebergs to melt. They may never melt totally. What we do know is that they've started to melt and so we need to try to stop it happening by cutting down on pollution and taking care of our environment.

Rachey: At any part of the trip did you fell like you just wanted to come home?

Yes, I definitely got a bit home sick during parts of the trip. But it's such an amazing place you just had to walk around and look at the mountains and ice bergs to feel OK again.

Princess CBBC: What can I do for the pollution against animals and living habitats?

You can make sure you try to cut down on the amount of car journeys you make. Try cycling or walking to school.

Make sure you don't waste paper and try to recycle everything. I take all my bottles and cans to the re-cycling bank. You can also join societies which protect animals and the environment.

Ask your geography teachers about which would be good ones to join.

Groovygaskin: Did you get a lot of sleep or was it too cold?

I did sleep but it doesn't get dark there in the summer so it's hard to know when to go to bed!

Pop_pop_pop: I sometimes worry about the world's changing climate. Do you ever get concerned or scared about what will happen to the our living conditions in the future and how it will affect us?

Yeah I do worry about how global warming will affect us but don't get scared about it. I reckon if we try to do something about it now we might be able to stop it getting worse.

We need to re-cycle stuff and cut down on pollution. Make sure your parents don't use their cars when they don't need to. Get the bus when you can - or better still cycle or walk. Every bit helps.

Lulley: How long were you there for?

I was there for about 3 weeks

Jojolou: What was your favourite but strangest animal you came across while you were in Antarctica?

My favourite but strangest animal was the sea lemon. It looked just like a lemon you'd have on your pancakes! They live at the bottom of the sea there

Flee: Lizzie, I have entered the Serious Arctic (I know it is the Arctic and not Antarctica!) I have got through to the next round of 120 people and I was wondering if you could describe the landscapes that you were faced with?

It must have been pretty cold when you were there but you had a very brown face!! I was wondering if you could tell me if it was necessary to bring sun tan lotion?

Apart from being interested in serious arctic of course! I am concerned about the green house effect as we have been studying it in chemistry.

Even though it was really cold there I actually got a great tan! There's hardly any protection from the sun in Antarctica so you have to wear loads of sun protection cream.

I wore factor 30 all day every day - even when it was cloudy. The landscape was the most beautiful I've ever seen in my life.

Get a book from your library at school and have a look at what I mean. You can compare it with the Arctic which looks quite different.

Emzie89 : Hi Lizzie. What was the best thing you saw whist you were in Antarctica?

The best thing I saw were the penguins. I loved them so much. They're really funny and so cute. There are about 5 million of them on Antarctica so there are plenty to see!

Lil' Gemini Princess: Lizzie, you know when you weren't reporting or travelling around Antarctica, what did you do to occupy yourself? Did you even have much time to fill or were you always busy doing something?

When I'm not reporting I play hockey. It's the best sport in the world. I love it.

LoveHearts 91: Did you get to play with any animals? Polar Bears? Penguins? Seals?

I tried to touch a penguin but it ran away! There are no polar bears in the Antarctic. They live at the other end of the world - in the Arctic.


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