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  In the hotseat: Neville from Potter films
Updated 23 January 2004, 19.49
Matthew Lewis plays Neville Longbottom
Matthew Lewis - the young actor who plays Neville Longbottom in the Potter movies - has been chatted to you LIVE on the boards.

If you missed the chat, here are a selection of the questions you asked and what he had to say.

Orlando's - Hellooooo! How are you? Good I hope. I was wondering if you could think of one word to sum up your whole Potter experience, what would it be? Luv Helena xxx

Helloooo back. Yes I'm very good thanks. That's a very good question. I would probably describe it as indescribable. It really is amazing.

Cho - Hi Matt, can you tell me how you got into Harry Potter?

Hey, well I was with an agency where I had drama lessons every Thursday for an hour. My agent sent me for the open audition in Leeds (where I live) and after several re-auditions they told me I'd got the part.

Isoluvrupert - Hey Matthew!!! I was just wondering, have you ever been starstruck and what is it like being famous? Oh, and I've never met anyone famous before (hint hint!) So I would love a reply!!!! Lol!!

I saw Patrick Stewart walking across the lobby of the hotel I was staying in. I didn't even think, I just ran over and said "Hi". Afterwards I felt a right idiot.

Lilitaliano- What's the worst thing a fan has done to you?

Still top of the list is giving me a pepper! That happened @ Collectormania.

Cinnamon turkey - Have u ever got the twins mixed up?!

For the first film it was every day! But now that I've spent 3 years with them, it's easy to tell them apart!

$parrowkins - What scene are you looking forward to most in GOF?

Not sure yet, haven't read the script.

Ski - Have u eva met JKR? Do u have an autograph collection of all the famous people u have met? (coz if I were u, I'd start 1)

Yes, I've met her three times. Twice on set and @ the premiere. She was really nice! I do have an autograph collection - my pride and joy.

Brown Sugah - will you still be acting in 10 years time?

To quote Reeves & Mortimer... 'We just don't know!'

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