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  Bliss editor Helen Johnston in the hotseat
Updated 07 January 2004, 13.21
Bliss editor Helen Johnston in the webchat hotseat
Bliss editor Helen Johnston came on the message boards for a live webchat on Tuesday.

Her magazine published a survey that says nine out of 10 teenage girls aren't happy with their body shape.

Some of the questions she answered are below

Gothic Tears - I for one hate my body. I'm a bit overweight and am sick of it. At the moment I'm on a "diet". I'm not eating snacks or stuff like chocolate and I'm exercising way more. I also skip lunch. I mainly am the way I am, because of comfort eating because of being bullied years ago and I have no confidence in public.
Helen - Don't listen to what other people are saying to you about how you look or how you should look. It's crazy we all get so obsessed isn't it. Please don't diet, you don't need to. Just stick with the healthy eating you're doing right now and you'll start to feel good about yourself.

EastEnders - When I am in school people say to me I am really fat and I feel unhappy. I am 8 stone. I would like your advice.
Helen - 8 stone is soooo not fat. You've gotta believe me. Don't listen to these fools. Just tell them if they haven't got anything else to think about than someone else's weight they lead pretty sad lives. Never forget you're beautiful (in the words of the Aggy song!)

Kittykat - I really think I'm too thin. People think I'm anorexic.
Bliss editor Helen Johnston
Bliss ed Helen Johnston
Helen - If you really think you might be anorexic that's serious and you must tell your Mum or someone you're close to like a teacher or sister so they can help. Try calling the Eating Disorders Association. But I bet you're just one of those lucky girls who is naturally slender and everyone probably envies your figure. Please don't worry about it, if you're eating healthily and taking regular exercise you'll be fine. Focus on the bits you love about your body or your looks and you'll start to feel gorgeous.

MC Suga - I have quite big boobs and I am only 12! I hate it when the boys at my school google at my boobs. Wot can I do :(
Helen - Just remember that all the girls will be envious of you and all the boys think you look fantastic.They are just too immature to tell you so they ogle or tease. It's classic behaviour. In a few years time you'll want to show off your great figure, hey you should feel proud about it now, but if you feel uneasy just ignore the boys. You can always chose clothes to make your boobs look a little smaller if you're worried. Dark colours are the best and then wear brighly coloured skirts or trousers to take attention away from you boobs. But I wouldn't worry. I'd love to have bigger boobs. I guess we all secretly want to change something about us. That's life. But I definitely won't be opting for the cosmetic surgery option. Yeuggghhh!

Smilepeople - In the magazine "Bliss" it says stuff like love your body, but 2 pages on it has a get fit section and A DIET PLAN!!!! WOT IS BLISS TRYING TO DO!?!?!?!
Helen - Hey, let me explain. This is not a diet in the sense of losing loads of weight by eating faddy foods. This is simply an idea of what we should be eating to make sure we have our five pieces of fresh fruit and veg a day that we all need to keep us healthy. And if you read it it says you should still eat chocolate and snacks at times, there's no point denying ourselves all the treats we enjoy. We just thought it would be helpful for all of us to have the info we need to be healthy if that's what we want to be. My message is to love the way you are and that love and confidence usually comes from being fit and healthy. There is no perfect figure or no exact weight to aim for, we should all just go with what feels right for us as individuals.

Millymilz - I'm almost 15 and I weigh 10 stone. I feel really fat all the time and I'm really tempted to take diet pills. Will they do a lot of damage to me? Please help.
Helen - You're not fat and pleeeeeeeease don't start down the diet pills route. That's just madness. I know how hard it is when you're feeling worried, but I promise you that's not the right answer. Why don't you get together with a mate at school or your Mum or sister and ask them to be a healthy eating buddy. First step is to get them to tell you everything that is great about you. Like you're really sexy or fun or bright or all three! And once you've focused on that then get your buddy to help you plan a great three meals a day healthy diet. Check out Bliss Feb issue for more ideas on what to eat, or ask your Mum. And don't think of yourself as overweight. There's many more fun things to obsess about, like Orlando Bloom's figure instead!

Flangle - Just want to say to all you people who think you're fat. Don't do the Atkins diet!!!! It's been proven to be bad for you, and it is. I did it for two weeks and it made me really ill. I had no energy at all, and had to take a couple of days off school cos I felt so terrible. It's really not good for you!
Helen - I agree. These faddy diets are crazy. We should all try to eat healthy fresh fruit and veg and not just go on crash diets. And there's nothing wrong with sweets and crisps etc as long as we don't eat them all day every day. What's the point of denying ourselves all the pleasures in life!

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