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  Orlando Bloom in the hotseat!
Updated 01 August 2003, 18.34
Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom is starring in bound-to-be-massive summer hit Pirates of the Caribbean.

We asked you to send us your questions and Lizo put the top three to him.

Lizo then asked him a few questions of his own - read the full interview below.

Sian, 15, Nottingham: I know you love extreme sports but have any of your injuries ever put you off?

Orlando: Yeah, when I was in New Zealand I was careful not to, I know I was doing some pretty mad stuff like bungee jumps and stuff but that's what they do in New Zealand.
I'd also been horse riding and I knew that I would be in pretty good shape. When you're doing extreme sports you have to be really careful so safety is kind of important.

Laura, 15, Wrexham: Of all the countries you've been to making films which one which one would you most like to go back to?

Orlando: New Zealand, always New Zealand. I always like going home, back to New Zealand, I feel like I'm going home.
Maybe it was just the experience of working on Lord of the Rings but it felt like home.

Becca, 14, Devon: Have you ever wanted to go back to who you were before your fame? Do you find all the media stuff intrusive or do you not really mind it all?

Orlando: I'm learning to adjust to that stuff right now, and it's kind of getting a bit more intense, more so now, before.
I mean I was lucky with 'Lord of the Rings' 'cos the blonde wig was a really good disguise.

Lizo then put his questions to Orlando:

Lizo: Tell me, in this movie, you're again playing this kind of noble heroic kind of hero really do you really find yourself attracted to those kind of parts?

Orlando: I guess so, I guess I do. I mean I was attracted the whole package for this film. The script was good, Johnny Depp was playing opposite, I was going to get to play, you know, alongside Johnny Depp.
And Geoffrey Rush who I'd worked with previously was, had mentioned it and was really excited by it.
I'd worked with Gerry previously and he knows how to make a film right I think and Gore [Verbinski], he's a great director and was a great guy when I met.

Lizo: Is it every boy's dream to play a pirate or be in a pirate movie anyway?

Orlando: I don't know but it was certainly one of mine so it was great to be able to sort of live that dream, you know, I mean I think everyone wants to be a pirate, every boy wants to be a pirate at some point in their lives.

Lizo: Were you a big fan of pirate movies when you were younger, did you use to play in the garden with your toy swords?

Orlando: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I definitely did a bit of playing in the garden.

Lizo: And what were you like when you were a young kid growing up in Canterbury, what was it like at school for you? Were you popular?

Orlando: I had a few good friends and we used to hang out. I enjoyed sports and the outdoors.

Lizo: Did you ever dream that you would actually achieve this kind of fame later in life?

Orlando: I don't think anyone could say that they imagined that that would happen to them. I always wanted to be an actor and I'm really grateful for the opportunities that I've had.
It sort of still doesn't really compute on my screen that things are happening the way they are so I just kind of plod along.

Lizo: I mean do you know how much fan mail you get, are you shielded from that kind of thing?

Orlando: I get hundreds of letters a week so the fan mail, I have to say I'm so grateful to the fans for all their kind words but it's often difficult to respond to everyone because there's so much of it. But I do my best, you know, to get through stuff.

Lizo: Having achieved this kind of success how carefully do you have to plan the roles you take in the future and how far in advance do you have to do that?

Orlando: I think very carefully. I once got sent a card which was a quote from De Niro, there was a photograph of him in Raging Bull and the quote underneath the photograph was "the talent is in the choices" and I think, um, I think that's very true.

Lizo: And very briefly, have you seen much of The Return of the King yet and how's Troy going?

Orlando: I haven't really seen much of The Return of the King but I did some re-shoots about two months earlier.
I really enjoyed that it was sad to sort of don the blonde wig and pointy ears for the last time. I think it's going to be a fantastic film, I know it is. I think the picture's incredible.
Troy is going very well. Troy is a big epic, another historic, big epic film and um, Brad Pitt and Eric Bana and Peter O'Toole are a great cast and Wolfgang Peterson is directing so it's good.

Lizo: Thanks very much for your time Orlando, really great meeting you.

Orlando: Thank you, thank you very much, nice to meet you.

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