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  Triple Eight in the hotseat!
Updated 09 July 2003, 16.28

Triple Eight are the latest boy band with attitude to hit the music scene.

Their first single Knockout flew into the top 10 and they're hoping their second Give Me A Reason will do just as well when it's released on 21 July.

The boys took time our of their schedule to answer YOUR questions:

NR: Rachel from Sheffield asks would you guys describe yourselves as the new Five?
David: We're like Five in some aspects, like the way we've got a bit more attitude than some other bands out there, but musically I think we're very unique. We're fusing rock and R&B and pop.

NR: Laura from Bristol wants to know what your favourite part of Bristol is?
Justin: Only Sparx and I are from Bristol. My favourite part is where I grew up in Ashley Down.

NR: Catherine, 15, Cheshire asks is there any rivalry between you and D-side?
Joshua: No, they're really nice guys and we get on with them. We're both in the same boat, trying to make our mark. Just friendly rivalry.
David: It's good to have a bit of competition as it keeps us striving to be better.
Jamie: It was natural for the papers to put the two bands together, but we're not bothered.

NR: Just for Jamie this one, Mary, 14, Bury says is it true you fancy Judy from Richard and Judy?
Jamie: That's the first time I've ever heard that one. I haven't a clue where that came from it's not true at all.

NR: Olivia, 9, Cardiff wants to know, how did you get together?
Sparx: I knew Justin from growing up together and we met Josh through a producer while working in London. Josh knew Jamie through a football team they played in. And Jamie knew David. It was very important to us that we not be a manufactured act, that we brought ourselves together.

NR: Sally, 15, Walsall asks have you met any celebs you don't like?
Jamie: Me and Justin are massive fans of the sitcom Coupling, until we met the guy who plays Jeff. We met him in a record shop in Oxford Circus and I went up to him and said a line from the show and he wasn't too pleased and insisted it wasn't him. But it was!
David: We've met a lot of people and everyone has been so nice to us and we've got quite a lot of friends in the business now.
Jamie: Except for that bloke.
David: We have actually been asked if we're D-side, that doesn't go down to well.

NR: Claudia, 14, Wrexham has sent this one in: Do you like Busted.
All: Yes
David: Everyone says yes.
Josh: It's a rocking new video as well.
David: Busted have come out with their own style and image and it works with the fans really well.

NR: Amy, 13, Limerick says you guys played at the closing of the Special Olympics, and you were brilliant. What did it feel like to play in front of such a huge audience?
Josh: It was WOW!
Justin: It was the biggest gig we've done so far. The atmosphere was so brilliant.

NR: Louise, 13, Ashford says there have been a couple of rumours of you fancying Girls Aloud.
Josh: If I have to say one of them, it would be Sarah.
David: We don't really fancy them we're all just friends.

NR: Amy, 15, Brundel says she got your phone number out of a magazine, but when I called, you never answered?
Jamie: We get loads and loads of calls and we do try to answer them. The trouble is we have to keep turning them off when we do interviews or are performing.
Sparx: We do reply to as many as we can.

NR: Natalie, 13, Woolland: When are you going to tour the UK?
Jamie: We want to tour as soon as possible, but you've got to sell out the places. We're doing a lot of road shows this summer.
Sparx: My dream is to perform in a venue knowing everyone there has come to see just you.
David: We'll tour just as soon as we can.

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