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  Girls Aloud in the Hotseat!
Updated 12 May 2003, 19.13
Girls Aloud
CBBC Newsround Online put YOUR questions to Girls Aloud this week.

You quizzed them on fame, their looks, their pop idols and that famous row with Busted.

Nicola, 13, Brighton
How has your life changed since you've been famous?

Nicola: My life hasn't really changed, it's just my job. I still go out to the same places and have the same friends and boyfriend. It's the scenery that's changed, not my life but obviously it's a bit more glamorous.

Sarah, 13, Derry
Have you all always wanted to be pop stars? If so, then who have been your inspirations?

Nicola: I have wanted to be a pop star all my life. I started taking it serious when I was about 11-years-old. I was inspired by everybody. I loved all kinds of music and pop stars. I loved Britney and Christina Aguilera and especially The Spice Girls.

Joanne, 12, Bangor
Since you are all new to the music business, do you get nervous when you're making a new video or singing live?

Nicola: Yes definitely. I usually get nervous just before I am about to go on stage. Then once I go on stage I'm fine, the nerves go straight away, it's just the feeling before I go on that I hate.

Niamh, 8, Nottingham
I want be a singer when I'm older. Can you give me some tips please?

Cheryl: The best tip you can have is to be confident and believe in yourself, never give up and don't let anybody put you down.

Anisa, 13, West London
If you could be in any other girl band (past or present), which one would you be in and why?

Cheryl: If I could be in a girl band I would be in the The Spice Girls because they were amazing.

Olivia, 11
I love all your songs and I was wondering what kind of songs your album has got?

Cheryl: The album has a mixture of sounds - a bit of everything but you'll know it's us.

Shameelah, 10, Leeds
Is it true you don't need beauty sleep to look beautiful? All five of you do.

Kimberly: I definitely do but don't get much!! The make-up is the key though.

Bob, 12, London
Who inspired you to go for the auditions?

Kimberly: Well I've been auditioning for years and thought it was a good opportunity. My mum really encourages me.

Kerry, 14, Manchester
Are you all getting on well and do you argue?

Kimberly: We get on like little sisters, it's great.

Samantha, 14, Burton Latimer
What has been the most memorable moment since being in the band?

Kimberly: Getting in the band, then staying at number one for four weeks.

Lauren, 12, Essex
Why did the rift with Busted occur, and do you think that you will ever make it up with them?

Sarah: We have all made up and that was all over nothing, just the press making a meal of it.

Catherine, 12, St. Helens
What is the best celeb party you've been to since getting your number one?

Sarah: We have been to a few, some of them have been good but we can't always stay as we get up nice and early most days.

Emily, 11, Reading
If you weren't in Girls Aloud, what do you think you would be doing now?

Sarah: I would still be as determined as ever to make it as a singer. Before this I was a waitress and barmaid part-time for some extra cash while working at the same time with songwriters and recording tracks.

Orla, 12, Killorglin, Ireland
Are you worried that your fans might suddenly turn on you like they did to former Popstars winners Hear'Say?

Nadine: That's a fear for any band and it's a worry BUT WE LOVE WHAT WE DO AND WHATEVER WILL BE WILL BE.

Amy, 11, Portsmouth
How do you feel about your tour being cancelled?

Nadine: Glad but I feel sorry for all the people that bought tickets but I wasn't looking forward to doing it.

Chloe, 10, Malvern
Have people acted differently around you since stardom?

Nadine: No, not really. My family and friends are equally the same but the people who I met recently do act a bit weird.

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