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  Your questions to X-Men star Anna Paquin
Updated 24 April 2003, 08.16
Anna Paquin
Mutant fans have been waiting for nearly three years for the sequel to X-Men.

And now that wait is nearly over, with the sequel coming out on 1 May.

We caught up with Anna Paquin (Rogue) and asked her your questions!

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NR: David, 13, West Sussex asks: what was it like working with actors like Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman etc..?
Anna: In some ways, it's kinda intimidating, especially like Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, the theatre actors. These are some of the more respected elders of the acting world. But I think you learn a lot from being around actors of that calibre. And from the others who are just as talented but slightly younger. It's just a great team to be part of and you want to bring yourself up to their level.

NR: Cora, 16, from Barcelona wants to know: how does Rogue get to kiss Bobby without you hurting him?
Anna: Well, it doesn't work out as well as Rogue and Bobby would hope. You'll see in the movie.

NR: David, 13, Essex: why didn't you keep the white streak in your hair?
Anna: Having a white streak in your hair, like Rogue, is kinda like wearing a Hallowe'en costume you can't change out of. It's very, very identifiable and after six months of people screaming in crowded places "hey Rogue or hey skunk" because it looks like a skunk stripe, I was kinda eager to get it out of my hair. Plus my hair was very damaged after the peroxide dye.

NR: Ouch. Anyway, Kathleen from America asks: what was it like to act in a film where s much of the action involved special effects?
Anna: Actually, we were really lucky in this movie because a lot of the sets were complete. And so it was mainly adding things to make everything more spectacular that they did in post-production. Whenever anything in the movie explodes, they really were there exploding. So we were really lucky in not having too much green screen effects to do.

NR: Sam, 14, in Ottawa wants to know: what's it like when you watch these movies back and you see all these cool things happening?
Anna: It's the only time as an actor that you get surprised by how it turns out on screen because you can't really know what they're going to look like. It's the same with action sequences. You can't possible imagine how cool it's all going to look when it's cut together.

NR: Granger, 11, London asks: if you could have any mutant power you wanted, which power would you choose?
Anna: Umm, teleportation like Nightcrawler, so I'd never have to catch another plane as long as I lived. (Anna had flown from America to London overnight and had then done six hours of interviews straight away!)

NR: Rebecca, 12, County Durham asks: what was it like having to always wear gloves on set?
Anna: I got a little bit sick of it to be honest. Plus the gloves I had to wear mostly wear white and I get spilling stuff on them, so the costume department was a little bit unhappy about that sometimes.

Anna winning the Oscar in 1994 for the Piano
Anna winning the Oscar in 1994 for the Piano

NR: Stevie, 12, Newcastle-under-Lyme: how old were you when you first started acting?
Anna: I was nine when I got into acting. I was in a movie called The Piano, (Anna won the best supporting actor Oscar for The Piano). It was my first acting job ever. I had no idea what this whole acting world was like. So everything's just been one pleasant surprise after another.

NR: Nicola, 14, Rochdale asks: how do you think Rogue has changed throughout the two movies?
Anna: I think Rogue is now more comfortable with herself. And is more confident. She's found her new home and new family, she's no longer judged by people.

NR: Martin, 14, in the USA is asking about if you knew the character before you took on the role?
Anna: Not really, I did research once I got the role and read a bunch Rogue comic books and X-Men comics. The director, Bryan Singer, was also the same. A lot of us were new fans.

NR: Philip, 14, Essex asks: what was the highlight of the film for you?
Anna: I have one stunt which I do in the film, which involves flying through the air, which I can't really explain without giving away the plot. I got to do a lot of training for that and that was really fun.

NR: Alex, 13, New York: will this movie be as scary as the last one?
Anna: It might be. There are a few moments where you might want to cover your eyes.

NR: One question we got asked from so many different people, at the end of this movie, you get to try on a certain costume, how cool was it?
Anna: Yeah, the X-suit. That was pretty damn cool. Nothing makes you feel like a superhero like skin-tight leather, and the boots and the whole outfit. It was so like fantasy world. You feel like a superhero in that suit.

NR: Andrew, 14, Cumbria wants to know: what scenes did you most like filming?
Anna: It's nice to get to do both the romance scenes and the action scenes. It's hard to say which I prefer. Although the day we filmed Pyro blowing up the cop cars, that was pretty cool to watch. Eight cars flying through the air, exploding. That was fantastic.

Anna Paquin chats to NRAnna Paquin chats to NR

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