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  Busted answer your questions!
Updated 02 April 2003, 15.08
The boys from Busted
We asked you to send in your questions for the Busted boys and we had loads of really great ones!

We asked the lads as many as we could and here are their answers:

Firstly, we've had loads of emails asking whether you guys have girlfriends, do you?
James: No!
Charlie: Unfortunately not - I'm looking.
Matt: No, I am on the prowl though.

Nat, 13, Wimbledon: If anyone famous could join the band (male or female) who would it be?
James: Avril Lavigne can join the band.
Charlie: I wouldn't mind Band of Seafood's drummer - they have a girl drummer and I think it's quite cool - she's cool. A girl basist would be cool but Matt's bassist.
Matt: I could play the maracas!

Claire, 13, Hull: Who has the most annoying habit and what is it?
Charlie: Uum, James scratches things all the time!
James: I don't scratch things!
Charlie: He's like a cat - he'll go around scratching everything.
James: I don't scratch things!

Hannah, 12, Leicester: If you were invisible for the day, who would you spy on?
Charlie: Britney!
Matt: I'd quite like to see what the Queen does on a daily basis.
James: No, that would be boring!
Matt: It would be quite boring, but still it's the Queen!
James: I would not spy on the Queen, I'd probably spy on someone fit!
Charlie: I know what I'd do - I'd go into MI6 or something!

Sophie, 11, Hampshire: If you could sing any song with anyone, which song would you sing and who would it be with?
Matt: I'd sing Tiny Dancer with Elton John - I love that song.
Charlie: I don't know, but I know what you'd pick James.
James: I'd pick Scream with Michael Jackson but I wouldn't be able to reach Janet's notes so maybe I could swap and Michael could do Janet's parts, he's got a super high voice. It has an awesome video.

Kirstin, 8, Swanage: I want to be a popstar. Can you give me some advice and is it helpful to learn a musical instrument? Which instrument is the best (I'm learning violin and piano).
Matt: Yes it's helpful to learn a musical instrument!
James: The Corrs had a violinist didn't they.
Charlie: I think girl's playing the piano do well, Alicia Keys, Norah Jones - does she play the piano?
Matt: Vanessa Carlton.
Charlie: Yeah, the whole girl/piano thing works really well.
James: I like girls on pianos but if a girl can pull off a guitar then that's good - Avril can do it.
Charlie: If you want to be a pop star then do the piano thing but if you want to be cooler then try guitar. Guitar or piano but violin might not be as cool.

Jenny, 12, Kent: Apart from singing what do you love to do?
James: I like to go surfing, I like to play tennis, ping pong, hang out with my mates.
Charlie: I like snowboarding and watching movies.
Matt: When I'm not working I just like to chill out and see my friends because I don't see them much when I'm working.

Ruth, 12, Hastings: When did you first decide you wanted to be in a band?
Matt: When I was five! But I didn't want to be in a band - do you know what I wanted to do? I wanted to be Vanilla Ice - I loved him!
James: I was in a band when I was 12!

Abby, 13, Crewe: Do you hang around with each other in spare time?
Matt: It depends, a lot of times when we have free days we want to see our family. James: We're with each other every single day. Matt: If we get a free evening then we hang out with each other - if we get three days off then we go home.

Kirsty, 15, Stockton-on-Tees: Did you use stunt doubles in your video for You Said No?
All: No, it was all us.

Kelly, 11, Cinderford: How does it feel to only have been in the music industry for a few months and already have had two massive hit singles and an album that went platinum is such a short space of time?
James: Very cool!
Charlie: It feels good.
Matt: Good, it feels rewarding.

Isabelle, 13, West Midlands: Who do you have a crush on at the moment?
Charlie: I have a crush on Tara Reid, I don't know why, I really like her.
Matt: I like her too, only in American Pie 2.
James: No way - she looks weird, her face is weird.
Charlie: No way!
James: It's all about Shannon Elizabeth. The one that's from a different country.
Matt: She's wicked! Nadia! She's fit.
James: She's fit!

Becky, 14, Worcester: If you could travel to the Year 3000 what would you like to do?
James: I'd find out who won all the big races and sports stuff and then put money on them and win loads!
Charlie: I'd see how far advanced mobile phones have got because they're getting pretty good at the moment.
Matt: I think in the future you'll get those things where you can have knowledge injected into your brain.
James: That would be really cool.
Matt: I'd download kung foo and stuff and be great at it - that would be awesome!

Hollie, 13, Aberdeen: What do you want to do with your first million?
Matt: A house
James: I'd buy a house in Beverley Hills or somewhere really nice like that.
Charlie: I'd buy a Sunseeker - the biggest one in the bay! I'd call it Darling!

Carla and Leah, 14 and 10: What's the worst 'bust' up you've ever had?
Matt: We've only ever had one argument - EVER! That was between me and Charlie and it was about whether or not there should be an ad-lib at the beginning of a song.
James: By the way, I was for it.
Matt: Yeah and I was against it.

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