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  Young footie star Jingo
Updated 27 January 2003, 19.05

Thirteen-year-old Jingo lives in Uganda and loves playing football.

He plays for the Kampala Kids League which was set up to give kids like Jingo more opportunities to play sport.

And now the under-13 team which he plays for could be turning out the David Beckhams of the future!

The chat is now over, thanks for all your questions - simply scroll down to read what Jingo had to say!

Host: Hi - welcome to our live chat with footie fanatic Jingo.

Jon: Hi, Jingo which position do you play on the pitch?
Jingo Left full-back or left midfield, Jon.

Peter: How hard do you have to train?
Jingo: Four days a week for about one hour a session!

Marc: How many goals did your team score in the World Cup?
Jingo: In the World Cup we scored about 30 goals!!

Philip: Hllo Jingo, I'm visiting Kampala in July, what is it like living in Kampala?
Jingo: Kampala is great, we find it quite safe and you will enjoy yourself in here. In Kampala in July it is about 27 degrees centigrade and we have a thunderstorm about twice a week! Everyone in Kampala is football crazy.

James: Hi! What football skill do you practice most?
Jingo: I practice ball control mostly.

Marc: Are you going to be entering any competitions soon?
Jingo: This summer we are going back to Europe - we are going to Harrlem in the Netherlands in July. I've been to Europe before and it's a wonderful place. I saw many interesting things, but the week in London, it was the first week of July last year and it was so cold!! It was 15 degrees! So I think England is a cold place!

Paul: Do you have a special diet or food to keep you fit?
Jingo: We have learnt to change our diets to one that suits fitness, so we eat a lot of protein foods, for example I like to eat chicken and beef and drink lots of milk! I also eat bananas - they are the staple food in Kampala! We eat cooked bananas- which is called "Matooke" It's a special type of bananas which you do not get in England. These ones are hard and green and used for cooking, but in England you get the sweet bananas.

Greg: Who's a better footballer, Ronaldo or Zidane?
Jingo: Zidane!

Tim: How big is your squad of players?
Jingo: We had 18 players when we went to Europe last year and that is the same number we will keep for this year. We are all aged around 13 years old, some were 12 and one was 10. Girls play as well - 20% of the players that registered to play in our league were girls.

Mary: Is there a time of day when it gets too hot to play?
Jingo: Yes there is. It is too hot at 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, but we like to play at 4pm when it is a bit cooler. It gets dark here every night at 7pm - that is every night of the year because we live 5 miles from the Equator.

Suhaib: What types of pitches do you have in Uganda?
Jingo: We have no astroturf field here, which is something I noticed in England- they were all on astroturf! Because the pitches were under repair when we were there we had to play on astroturf and it was the first time I had ever seen it! The first game we played was against Charlton Athletic and after 15 minutes we were down 3! But when we worked out what it was (the astroturf) we held Charlton, and it ended as 3-1.

Marc: What team would you like to play for apart from Manchester United?
Jingo: Real Madrid!

Nabil I am a great footballer and many clubs have scouted me like Aston Villa. Are there scouts in Uganda?
Jingo: There are scouts for the local professional league however there are very few Ugandan players in Europe so there are not many scouts here, but we hope that will change now.

Jenny: If you couldn't be a footballer what else would you do?
Jingo: Sports reporter or journalist.

Trevor: Do you have special footballs in Uganda?
Jingo: No normally we play with a normal football as in Europe, but the children in the villages they play with locally made balls. They make them out of banana leaves wrapped up tightly with string. But they don't bounce very well, as they have no air in them, but they are quite soft to touch. Last year when we went to Denmark and Sweden, we brought these banana leaf footballs along to give out to the children and they all fought over them because they liked them so much!

Keith: Which is your preferred foot and are you good at heading?
Jingo: My preferred foot is my left foot and I like heading- I am good at it and I don't get a sore head!

Jingo what does your dad do?
Jingo: My father has a shop.

Jonathan: Are footballers seen as National heroes in Kampala?
Jingo: They are not as big a hero as David Beckham. They are heroes but not as big.

Tom: Have you ever scored a hat-trick?
Jingo: I have scored a hat-trick once in a very important league game and I was proud because it won us the game!

Jim: What are you like at penalties?
Jingo: I have only ever missed one penalty out of the 20 I took last season.

Rick: Who do you get on best with in your team?
Jingo: My best friend is Timothy.

Youseff: Which country has the best team and why?
Jingo: Brazil- they are the best because they won the world cup many times and they have such good talented players.

Host: Here's Jingo with a final word...
Jingo: To become a good footballer you must train hard and work hard to improve your skills!

Host: Thanks to everyone at home for sending all your questions in, hope we've managed to answer most of them. Don't forget to check the website for the rest of our live chats from Africa!

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