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Updated 15 August 2002, 22.27
Hear'Say made time in their crazy schedule to pop in for an exclusive chat with Lizo.

He gave Suzanne, Myleene, Danny, Noel and Johnny a good grilling with your questions!

If you missed the live version, catch up on their chat by clicking on the link below, or reading the transcript underneath:

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Click on each question below to read Hear'Say's answers.

Charlotte, 11, Nuneaton
Where have you been for the last few months?

HS: Although people think we haven't been working, we've been working very hard on our next album. We've been recording with all different sorts of producers and going to Norway, we're going to New York next week, just doing good music. And we've got a lot of good tracks, so watch out.

Helen, Caerphilly
Were you worried that fans might not support you after you took such a long break away or when they didn't see you? I think you're all great by the way.

HS: No, on the contrary actually we've been really, really lucky because the fans have been so, so supportive. Even when we did take a little bit of time out just to work on the new album and things the letters, the support, the e-mails, the phone calls that we've all had and you know we're gonna be number 5 this week. So that's all down to you guys, thank you.

Kirsty, 14, Hull
Do you think that Johnny has changed Hear'Say at all?

HS: Yeah, I think, like, definitely. I think bringing a new member into a band changes it completely. Hear'Say is a new band altogether and obviously Johnny brought his own ideas to the band and we wanted to move forward, so we all just sat down and had a chat. So Hear'Say is definitely a new band altogether.

And Johnny how do you think you've changed the band?

Johnny: It's really difficult to answer but what's nice is we're all working on what we do best and that's good music. And I think for all of us the best thing was to go back and show the fans what we've been working on and for them to react the way they have towards us it's just the biggest buzz for us.

Dawn, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Knowing what you know now would you still have auditioned for Popstars in the first place?

Myleene: Very good question. I think yes because it's been really fulfilling - having a dream and then seeing that dream come true and then working to another goal, everyday creating new goals for yourself and you're not doing it on your own either, you're doing it with four friends. So knowing what we know now yeah I think definitely.

HS: And actually I think looking back we're quite proud - knowing what we know now - I'm quite proud that we did it because we've always remained ourselves and I think one thing you learn in the business it's very hard to be yourself sometimes and that type of programme brought out ourselves and we were always ourselves, we never pretended to be anything we wasn't and we still remain that to this day. So it was a good learning thing, so we definitely would do it again.

HS: We're proud to have pioneered the programme as well because obviously there's a lot of other programmes that are following the same format. But to have been part of the initial programme, we didn't know anything that was ahead of us at all, so what you saw was pure personalities, our real characters.

Laura, 13, Dublin
Johnny, what did you think of Hear'Say before you got into the band? And I really love your new single.

Johnny: I think what was great is the whole nation saw Hear'Say being brought together and I think no one can doubt how big a success it was and I think for all these people that's what their dream was to do and I think it's been good to everyone who come out of Popstars and who are coming out of Pop Idol because they obviously wanted to do it, so they've gone and followed their dream. And I think that's a big act for all kids nowadays, if that's what you really want to do, doesn't matter whether it's a singer or an actor or anything, I think as long as you follow your own dream then good on ya.

Now do you think that Lovin' Is Easy is it a very different kind of track, do you feel it is to what you started off with - Pure and Simple? How do you think you've developed as a band?

HS: We didn't sit down and consciously think that we would change the way our style of music is. I just think you cannot avoid a very good song and that's what Lovin' Is Easy is, it's a very good song. And it's like all the other stuff we're going now, yeah we have - our style has changed but it's only changed because the music is changing - you've got to go with the times. Madonna's done it, the best artists have done it - everyone changes with the times. And that's all we're doing is we're looking out for good tracks and writing good tracks.

Tell us about some of the other stuff that you've been recording - is it the same kind of feel - the stuff we haven't heard yet?

HS: I think the thing we've always set out to do is not to pigeon-hole ourselves into one specific song or music - well we have because that one genre is pop but there are many kind of sub-branches of that - you could go R&B pop, or garage pop or whatever. But all we've tried to focus on is making good songs. So it's always been quite an eclectic mix with us and I think that will stay the same. One thing which always stands out is that there's always five strong vocalists on each track.

HS: I think that all comes because also the five of us we tend to gather from such completely different ends of the globe if you like, that we've got completely different musical influences. But as opposed to that not working for us we make it work for ourselves because we draw on that. Usually we get into a studio and we have the sixth member, if you like - the producer - who'll put all those choices together but because we all come from such different places in music it's a completely different sound, it's never the same.

Sean, 17, Sale
Darius is number one this week - what do you think of that?

HS: I think it's amazing because he's an ideal candidate for the music industry - he never gives up. And he's managed to turn things around - he's a talented guy. And it just shows what Popstars have achieved, it wasn't just one band that won, if you like, a lot of talent came out of there, there's a lot of new British talent. So these programmes that are coming out and giving people a fair chance and a new chance and the opportunities are all good.

Were you surprised because he did cause some controversy on the programme - I wouldn't go as far as to say he was the kind of Jade of the sort of original Popstars - he was talked about a lot, so are you surprised that actually he has - he was always saying I'm going to have a number one single?

HS: He's definitely an individual but that's sort of what makes his character and to survive in the music industry you shouldn't really conform anyway - just be yourself - and it seems to work for him.

Anna, 13, Bournemouth
Do you feel in competition with Liberty X because you're up against them in the charts?

HS: There are so many bands out there and the obvious comparison is Liberty X every time. But we came from the same place, we wish them the best of luck, they've done really, really well for themselves but it's about British talent, let's just congratulate it all instead of kind of setting up fake rivalries and stuff like that, it doesn't make sense.

Tom, 14, Liverpool
What advice would you give to the winners of Popstars 2?

HS: I'd say basically, something that we always say, is just to try and remain the same person, try and be yourself because if you do play another character, which you think is going to appeal to people then that's not going to work because you can never sustain that, you can't play that character 24/7. So if you keep it real and you just stay close to the band, make it work between you, make it work and it'll work.

Laura, 14, Thornaby on Tees
Myleene, did you really say all the stuff about Kym on her wedding day?

Myleene: I'm really glad you asked that question because I would never dream of saying anything remotely like that at all. You can never ever wish anybody anything but the best of luck on their wedding day, so I've never said anything like that, no.

Jenny, 10, Salisbury
Is it true that Noel is not single anymore? I'm really upset!

Noel: Jenny I'm still single and available.

Hayley, 14, Berkshire
Danny, if you had to make the choice which of the Hear'Say girls would you rather go out with? And you can't say neither of them or both of them.

Danny: They're both very beautiful girls but at the end of the day they're my sisters - so that's the answer, they're my sisters really, so it just wouldn't happen.

Romany, 13, Leigh-on-Sea
I've heard that Noel has the nickname "Smelly Feet" - is this true and do any of the other band have nicknames?

Noel: They actually don't call me Smelly Feet, they call me Smelly Boy.

HS: Plenty but none of them broadcastable.

John, 15, London
Apart from Johnny are any of you going out with anyone?

HS: No.

Is it true what everyone says - oh when you're in the business you never know, when you meet people, if they're right for you or whether they like you because you're a pop star.

HS: To a degree, yes, because obviously you can get something that a lot of people know as fair weather friends and you do want to have very solid people around you. It's just like normal relationships but heightened a hundred times more.

HS: It's a combination of loads of things - being busy, never being at home and knowing who to trust as well and kind of having people have preconceived ideas about you. So it's very difficult sometimes but - hey - we're young people, we're just enjoying it.

Mel, 13, Brighton
Do you spend a lot of time with each other when you're not working?

HS: We went on holiday together, all five of us, contrary to what people think. We make an effort to spend off time with each other, down time with each other, because we are the only people that really knows what goes on through the day and you don't then have to talk about it and explain your day again, it's just nice to just have some good mates.

Megan, 14, Hertfordshire
Have you ever said anything in an interview that you regretted afterwards?

HS: I think, yeah, I think that's the answer really. I don't think necessarily it's regret that we said anything, because we just speak our minds, but sometimes things are taken out of context.

HS: At least we're honest, I mean a lot of the time they do like you to stay clear of subjects. But at the end of the day everyone's got an opinion on something and you can be had for just having an opinion.

Candice, 14, Hartlepool
Myleene, is it true that you've been asked to ...?

Myleene: No. There are so many things either taken out of context or just purely fabricated and no that's not true.

Janine, 13, Bristol
What music are you all into at the moment?

Suzanne: Linkin Park for me at the minute. I really like, there's a new group come out that's nobody's heard of yet and they're called Melody Brown and their next single's very good, I like it.

Noel: I'm listening to some summer tunes at the moment - I've got the best of the Brand New Heavies in my CD player at the moment.

Johnny: I like loads of different things, I'm a massive fan of Bon Jovi.

Danny: I'm into old school funk actually, so that's quite good.

Claire, 15, Coventry
What lyric from a Hear'Say song holds the most meaning for you?

HS: We'll be stronger together than we would be apart.

Jezi, 13, Aberdeen
Hi Hear'Say you're my idols but who were your idols when you were all growing up?

Myleene: When I was growing up actually I was really into classical music - Rachmaninov, love Debussy, Elgar - anything like that really. Beethoven's stunning, absolutely stunning.

Noel: One of my idols - I suppose Michael Jackson, I went to see him in a concert when I was about 12 and it was just the most amazing show that I've ever seen.

Danny: I kind of like people like Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder, stuff like that, really soulful music.

Johnny: I'm with Noel on Michael Jackson, me, but I was more of a Bad rather than Dangerous.

Suzanne: I would say Madonna, always sort of followed her. Early Madonna.

Helen, 16, Gwent
Noel, does it feel really good to go back to Cardiff and play concerts there? Your fans are really behind you.

Noel: Yeah, every time we go back to Cardiff it's fantastic, we always have a great time in Wales, the support there is really good, as it is when we all go to our home places. So yeah we do love coming back to Wales.

Matthew, 15, Blakeney
There's been a lot in the press saying Lovin' is Easy is your make or break single, please tell me that this doesn't mean that if it goes to number 3 or something like that Hear'Say will be no more?

HS: Well it's our make or make single because everything we wanted to prove, everything we set out to do with the single has already happened - we're really, really happy. And it looks set to chart the top 5, which is absolutely unbelievable for us, so we're more than happy about it all. And thank you for supporting us.

Tamica, 9, London
Are any of the Hear'Say members planning to act in the future?

HS: I think we're all just concentrating on Hear'Say at the moment because if you have any plans for the future then you're not concentrating on being in part of a band, and that is the most important thing for us, we've all got the same goals - we all want to be more successful than we ever have been and we're well up for the challenge and we're just living what we do at the moment because the livin' is easy.

HS: What's good about being in a pop band as well is that you get the opportunity to do everything - you go on some shows and they ask you to don a gladiator's suit or something and then you get a chance to act in that. You get the opportunity to do everything - even lots of little comedy sketches - and you just have a laugh, you enjoy every single day, it's great.

Danny, 17, Teddington
Where did Noel get his trainers from?

Noel: I got them from Covent Garden in London.

Kat, 14, Sheffield
Johnny, Noel and Danny you're all gorgeous but who gets the most attention from the opposite sex?

HS: I think it's quite split. The funny thing is, I will say, that it is split but it's split into different types, if that makes sense.

Myleene and Suzanne, who gets the most attention out of you two?

HS: I think we give each other equal attention.

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