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  Darrin Henson
Updated 24 June 2002, 09.28

Do you want to dance like Britney, shake your booty like J-Lo or strut your stuff on stage like N'Sync?

Well number one dance teacher Darrin Henson came into our hotseat studio to dish the dirt on his star pupils.

He taught Newsround's Becky a few cool moves and grooves - find out what he can teach you too!

Click on the link below to watch the webchat:

Watch hotseatWatch video webchat

Click on each question to read Darrin Henson's answers.

What exactly have you done, what haven't you done?

DH: I did Bye, Bye, Bye - won an MTV music award for that; Britney Spears - You Drive Me Crazy; Christina Aquilera - Genie in a Bottle; I worked with Michael Jackson; Jagged Edge's Where's the Party At and tons more.

So what are you doing in the UK?

DH: Well right now promoting my Darrin's Dance Grooves video, which will be in stores on Monday 24th.

Shabnam, 12, Preston
Who has been your favourite person to work with?

DH: That would be every member of N'Sync and Michael Jackson. I worked with Michael Jackson on his History video, the last album he had before this Invincible and it was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had in my life. He was just a person that inspired me most of my life to actually perform and a lot of the movement that you see in most of the videos is sharp and hard and staccato as they are came from me honouring what Michael Jackson has done - things like Thriller and Beat It and Bad stuff like that - Smooth Criminal.

Soraya, 13, Harpenden
Do you keep in touch with the people you first taught? Who are you teaching at the moment or will be later in the year?

DH: I'm actually working with Jordan Knight on his new album. The last thing we did was the Give It To You song, which is on the video as well and he has a new album coming out. And working with N'Sync very soon, doing some new stuff. But we talk - those guys are like my brothers - and we hang out and I see Britney sometimes, so we talk.

Laura, 14, Dorset
Do you ever get star struck?

DH: Yes, absolutely. I was with Michael Jackson, I was with Prince when I choreographed for him. A little bit less of course with Britney Spears and N'Sync because I was working with them while we were doing both of our processes. But definitely when I worked with Michael Jackson and N'Sync, I didn't talk to anybody for about an hour after meeting them.

Luke, 9, Watford
How hard is it to teach someone like Britney how to do the moves - does she pick them up quite quickly?

DH: Actually Britney was really good at picking up the moves, the one I had a problem with was Christina Aguilera when I choreographed Genie in a Bottle. It took a bit of time for her to work through some of the dance steps but I mean ultimately look at it now she got it and that's what happens when you practise and you work really, really hard. But Britney was great and she had formal training before. But it can be done - I didn't have formal training at all, so it can be done.

Sinead, 14, Colne
Who taught you to dance?

DH: Actually like I said I just used to watch Michael Jackson's videos. And what I do - and I'll tell you guys a secret - what you can do is put your television screen there, take a mirror, put the mirror opposite of it, look through the mirror to the television and then practise to the mirror because then you'll be on the same side as what you're watching, so it's opposition in the mirror turns that back around, so it would be like you're dancing with the actual artist - that was my secret.

Who inspires you in your dancing?

DH: Everything and everybody. I'm a lover of musicals and that's what was so special about doing the Jordan Knight video, we wanted to bring the musical feeling back to videos and so every cast member of West Side Story, Wizard of Oz, Seven Brothers for Seven Brides and people like that and Grease, which is an amazing film, anything related to dance or musicals I love.

Danielle, 13, Surrey
What tips would you give for slow dancing?

DH: I just think be focused, intent and mean whatever it is that you're doing, just really focus on the music, become the music and don't try to interpret and concentrate, stay focused.

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