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  Anthony Daniels - C-3PO
Updated 16 May 2002, 12.01
Actor Anthony Daniels, who plays C-3PO in Star Wars, has been really busy promoting Attack of the Clones.

But he took time out to chat to CBBC Newsround Online.

You can read the best bits of the interview below - or watch it in video by clicking on the link underneath!

Watch webchatWatch video webchat

Click on each question to read Anthony's answers

Drew, Thackenham
How hot does it get inside C-3PO's costume?

AD: Well Drew it's incredibly hot in the desert sometimes. When we were shooting just now in Tunisia for Attack of the Clones it was summer and I was cooking inside there.
One of the mistakes I made was to wear factor 50 sun cream to guard against the sun, but once I was inside it all rolled into my eyes and I was totally blind. But when we shot the original it was winter and I was actually quite cold.

Peter, 10, Buckinghamshire
In Episode I Anakin Skywalker's making you, then he goes to the dark side, how come you don't go with him?

AD: Right, that's a tricky one because droids don't really get into the dark side. All right in the Attack of the Clones we've got all these clones but basically they will do anything for hire. So 3PO, well he doesn't know at the time that Anakin's going to be a bad person and we didn't actually know at that time either, did we? So 3PO's always been himself but at some point he obviously gets a bit of a memory wipe, like my own computer at home.

Matthew, Kent
What made you choose C-3PO's voice as like a butler's?

AD: That's a good question Matthew because it took me ages. I was working on the film for six months before we began shooting and then suddenly all the scripts I'd been reading and the costume and the places we were in and generally the character somehow it all came together.
I tried different voices and came up with - "I am C3PO human cyborg relations". And what I didn't know at the time was that George Lucas had a completely different idea and went - Cor I don't like that but we'll do something about it later. And then when he tried to do a different voice it kind of didn't work and he stuck with mine - lucky.

Elliott, 11, Chigwell
How many memories did it bring back climbing into that suit, and was it the same one after all those years - had they cleaned it?

AD: Well in fact Elliott they did the opposite - they took the gold suit, which you remember, and then a guy in Australia called Justin Dicks very, very carefully painted the suit so it looks rusty in places, a bit of paint here and there, everything's all scratched and rubbishy.
So I am wearing something like, I don't know if you see Scrapheap Challenge and all that kind of thing, but I really look like I was auditioning for that part. But it's kind of a neat look actually, I quite enjoyed it.

Paul, Leeds
Did you know anything about the plot lines for the other movies when you made the original Star Wars film, for example, that C-3PO had been built by Darth Vader himself?

AD: No, not at all because we thought Star Wars was a one off rather silly movie and we didn't think it was going to be any good at all.
Then a couple of years ago, or three years ago now, when George Lucas was making the Phantom Menace he told me that I was made by Anakin and I was really pleased because Alec Guinness was really nice to me. And a couple of days later I realised Alec Guinness played the other person and I wasn't made by the good guy I was made by, as you say, Darth Vader and if 3PO ever finds that out, you know, it's going to be very scary for him.

Chloe, 14, Wakefield
How does it feel to be the most famous robot of all time?

AD: Well Chloe it's kind of weird, if you want the truth, because I'm in the movies it's different for me. I don't see the films like you do, but what I get by talking to somebody like you - you've seen people outside the theatre last night - I get a really good bounce of excitement from what all you guys feel about it and that makes it fun to do frankly, almost as much fun as actually being in it.

Connie, 18, Nottingham
When you actually watch yourself on the big screen, when it's all finished, how does that make you feel?

AD: To tell you the truth Connie it's a little strange because you sit there thinking - I did that quite well - and then you think - Oh I did that really badly. And it can get a bit depressing frankly. So I tend to concentrate on other people's parts - it's much more fun.

Emma, Kidderminster and Katy, Manchester
What's your favourite Star Wars episode and why?

AD: That's tricky. I actually like Star Wars - The New Hope because it was a real simple story, it had a beginning, middle and end and all that kind of stuff, it had a kind of innocence.
But now that I've seen Attack of the Clones four times I really am enjoying this and there's so much good stuff in this for everybody, really, really good - lovely acting, lovely costumes, great scenery, brilliant effects, great chases, wonderful monsters, fantastic music of course - John Williams hits it again.

Ben, 13, Hampden
Do you think people will recognise you when you play a human role as a cameo in Episode II?

AD: Well Ben, really well spotted, because I said to George Lucas one day I want to be in this movie as an extra and he said sure. So there's a big bar-room scene, a big nightclub scene and you watch by the main action there something very dramatic happens and there's a guy at the bar with two very, very beautiful women and he turns around and looks rather cross when this happens because it's a little violent. So yes that's me, the name is Lieutenant Faytonni.

Ben, Crawley
Where was Attack of the Clones filmed?

AD: This one was actually made mostly at Fox Studios in Australia. And then we went to Tunisia and to Italy and Spain and then we did a little bit in Ealing Studios here, just what we call pick ups. So we've been pretty much around the world on this one.

Dylan, 13, Oxford
How feel when you found out that there were going to be some new Star Wars films?

AD: I was really, really chuffed actually because I thought that part of my life was disappearing and I was a little sad about that - it had been great fun. So I was majorly chuffed when that happened. And it goes on with the next one. And then I'll think about doing something else I think.

Morgan, Warrington
How did you get into acting in the first place?

AD: Do you know Morgan when I was a kid I really wanted to act and my parents just wouldn't let me and it was in the time when kids did more of what they were told than they do now, thank goodness. And people said oh why don't you be a lawyer, so I said well ok, and I was really depressed for several years.
And then finally, when I was an amateur actor, somebody said if you want to be an actor be an actor. And that teacher changed my life and I went to drama school for three years and I studied actually very hard.
One of the things I was good at was mime and one of the things George Lucas needed was somebody who could actually control their body wearing that really weird suit and also I was good at radio. My first job was on the BBC, and I won the Carleton Hobbs award. So the story there is if you really want to do something then go and do it because it's your life.

Andrew, Stourport-on-Severn
Do you have a favourite C-3PO scene?

AD: That's tricky Andrew, there were a couple probably that I guess hung around Hans Solo because he was always pretty mean to 3PO - did you ever notice that?
And there was one scene where he's tapping 3PO on the shoulder and irritating him and finally 3PO just turns and snaps at him and you have to remember the face doesn't change but if you watch that, in Return of the Jedi, you'll see absolute fury on C-3PO's face.
But also when he's hanging over a fire and 3PO says - "It appears Captain Solo that you are to be the main course for the banquet given in my honour." 3PO liked that, Harrison wasn't so sure.

Lucy, Richmond
After all those years did you find it hard to pick up C-3PO's voice again after such a long break?

AD: No not at all because during that time I'd recorded three radio series, I'd done various books and various talking toys or whatever, so he's always been somewhere in my background and he keeps recurring, whether it's a breakfast cereal or whatever, there's a whole other side besides the movies. Things like Sesame Street and the Muppet Show - things like that.
To be on something like that is just magic. So he's always stayed alive and he's right there somewhere locked in my memory cells I suppose.

If you could have any gadget for C-3PO would what you have?

AD: Something to stop R2 chattering, I mean some kind of remote control.

Christian, Rushwick
Does it take a lot of preparation getting C-3PO right or can you just slip right into it now?

AD: What I have to do is to really rehearse the scene because it looks as though I can do everything, that I can pick things up or whatever, but because I can't see sideways if I know - and I'm going to have to look here - I have to really work out where that is to my body so that I can just look at it. Because we use a lot of this peripheral vision to line up on what we're doing. So I do actually have to rehearse pretty hard to reach the whatever it is and you can't make it up.

Caley, London
Do you ever get your lines wrong?

AD: Yes of course I do. In fact the very first scene I was in. We had three goes and I still couldn't do it. So then I made up sounds about the right length of the space and everybody's voice is put back afterwards, even Harrison Ford or Hayden Christensen, because there's so much noise happening on the set that you can't use the live sound. If you've got people banging around you can't use that so we all go to a studio and watch ourselves and do it line by line by line.

Shelly, 16, Pensacola
What's it like working with Hayden? Is he honestly as talented as I've been hearing?

AD: Hayden is one of the nicest - it's sickening - he is extremely talented, he's extremely good looking, he's clever, he's intelligent and he's nice. He's 21 years old and I just would like him to stay the way he is, he's just terrific. He was a marvel to be on the set with and we were together last night and together in Indianapolis and other places - it's such a pleasure. And he was acting in a play in London just now and he was magic - This is our youth - it was called.
And then on the plane I'm watching him in Life As a House - he's been haunting me a bit. But it sounds weird to say it's a kind of honour to know him but actually it feels like that. He's a very, very serious actor, knows his craft brilliantly, very, very disciplined, studies hard, takes it very seriously. He's an all-round good guy.

Anthony says to all his fans: "I would say that if people want to ask questions they can actually write to and a lot of questions do get answered that way by me, they get passed on to me and I do actually answer them."

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