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  Atomic Kitten
Updated 20 February 2002, 16.46

Those Atomic Kitten gals are clawing their way round the UK for their 2002 tour kicking off in Preston this Friday.

But just before they jumped onto stage to purr through a few songs we grabbed a quick word with Liz.

Click below to listen to the full interview, or carry on to read some of the highlights.

  Hear the whole interview with Liz  

Sophie, 10, Huddersfield:
What surprises are in store at the concerts?

Liz: Loads of wicked outfits, a nice setup and a few new songs, and of course, it's a brilliant show!

Eleanor, 9, Hampshire:
Have you had any embarrassing moments on stage?

I had an embarrassing moment in Asia on stage, when I fell over on my bum! I was really embarrassed and couldn't get up, and then released it was quite funny, so I got up, started laughing and carried on.

Is there anything in the new show that might end up going pearshaped?

Only that I'm not used to wearing high heels, and a few times we have to, and I'm very nervous about it.

Do you have a stylist?

We have a stylist, but she knows exactly what kinds of clothees we like to wear, for example I don' t like showing my belly off, I only ever show a little bit off. They know what we like to wear and they stick to that.

After all the stuff about Kylie and the Brits this week, who's got the nicest butt in pop?


Linda, 15, Holland
You've all got boyfriends, but if you had to go out with someone from Westlife, who would it be?

I trust Kerry's judgement, so Bryan. We know him very well coz he travelled with us when Kerry was in the band, so definitely Bryan.

Holly, 11:
Which song do you prefer performing, Eternal Flame or Whole Again?

Eternal Flame because of the dance routine, but Whole Again because it's fun to do.

Kirsty, 12, Haddington:
Is it true that you're engaged to Lee from Blue?

No we're not. I've actually got a bit of an exclusive for you.

It was only about a month, we were going out and we just wanted to have a bit of fun and we're only really young, so we're not actually dating any more!

NR: Oh no!

The work keeps us apart too much and we still are good friends but it's not a big problem because it's mainly about being friends. We still go out when we see each other when we're in the same city or country or when we see each other so it's not a big thing for us.

So when did you split up?

We didn't split up long ago. Well, we were never properly together anyway. We were SORT of boyfriend and girlfriend so it was never a big thing to split up, it was, like "well I'm not going to see a lot of you this month, so see you whenever, so, bye, see you when I see you."

Would Lee think you were still going out?

No, no he wouldn't.

When did you last speak to him?

I last spoke to him about half an hour ago - he said he's very nervous for us - he sent me a text message saying Go ahead girl, sing your little heart out!

We still talk though - we're really good friends and I wouldn't NOT talk to him!

Claire, 15, Walkington
When you were younger, did you dream of being a popstar?

I always did sort of, because everyone does, but not in a big way, because I wanted to be a lawyer.

Do you ever think you might try being a lawyer?

I don't think so now because I don't think anyone would take me seriously.

Yeah, but in 10 years from now you'll have a husband and kids and want to earn some serious money?

Maybe, you never know, maybe.

Sarah, 10, Grimsby
Did you ever sing in the mirror with your hairbrush?

Yeah, I still do

Helen, 14, Geneva
If Kerry wanted to come back to the band, would you like to become a foursome?

I'm sure we could Destiny's Child it, I think we could.

NR: Thanks for speaking to us.

Liz: Thank you very much

Hear Liz from Atomic KittenHear Liz from Atomic Kitten

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