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  4 days to S Club Carnival...Paul
Updated 27 January 2002, 18.28

With only four days to go to S Club 7's Carnival 2002 tour, Paul tells us how he has been preparing for the it all.

NR: Are you excited about the tour?

Paul: Very excited. Last time it was more theatrical, and we brought the car on stage and we went through a journey of us starting out, and us getting together, and we saved all the big booms and bangs til the end. This time it's more of a concert stage, where it's all glitzy, and it's all show-offy, and it's that sort of deal.

NR: How have the rehearsals gone?

Paul: Well we've had less time this time, and I've found it a bit hard with some of the choreography because I don't pick up the dancing that great and I'm not as secure as I was last time. I'm a little bit nervy about how some of the dancing's going to go. But I'm the sort of person if I go wrong, I go wrong, and it doesn't really matter.

Nicki, from Wolverhampton: Is there any chance of you doing a duet on the tour with Hannah, or is that too cheesy?

Paul: That is a bit cheesy. It's a bit obvious and I'm one for not doing what is obvious. I don't know, let me just ask her....she's laughing at me. So no, not really, I don't think it would happen. I wouldn't want to do a duet with her I don't think.

Laura, 15, from Chester: Are you sick of people asking you about your relationship with Hannah all the time?

Paul: Yeah sometimes it does get a bit tough some times, when you just get asked the same questions continually, and obviously being at work the whole time and being in each other's face the whole time, it's not a realistic relationship, So when you have your off days, you don't want to share that with the public because it's got absolutely nothing to do with them, It can be hard.

Nicola, 11, from Bishops Auckland: Who do you think is the best singer in the whole band?

Paul: That's a hard question. I think me actually!

Jamie from Leeds: Are any of the guys single?

Paul: Yeah Jon and Brad are single. I don't know. Is Brad single? Yes he is. He's always single!

Jessica, 11, from Peterborough: Is Bradley really going out with Tina?

Paul: No way! Oh my God! (Tells the others). No that's not true. 'He wishes' Tina shouted. I can safely say that ain't happening.

Rob, 12 from Nottingham: Rock music is really big at the moment. Do you listen to rock music?

Paul: Yeah I used to be in a rock band. We were called Skewer. We had a Limp Bizkit vibe, but I sung as well. I was the front man, and there was a drummer, base player and guitarist, who are still good friends, we are all mates from school, It was kind of like Rage Against the Machine, but six or seven years ago. I do bite my tongue a little bit sometimes when I see bands like Limp Bizkit doing so well, 'cos we sounded so similar. But we used to write our own tunes so the vibe was much more creative and organic.

NR: Do you watch Pop Idol? Who do you think will win?

Paul: I've only seen a couple but you'd have to say Gareth wouldn't you? I'd quite like William to win too, when he picks a song that suits him, he sings it really well. But apparently one of my mates was telling me over the weekend that Darius gave a really good performance - that's quite surprising.

Victoria, 13, from Peterborough : Do you ever get bored being in S Club and want to do something else?

Paul: No there's never a massive, massive desire to go but people get bored whatever they do, so of course you get bored. Routine does become boring, and jobs are routine, for anyone, whether you're working behind a bar, which I've done before, or whether you're in a band. But it's your job so you just take it and remember the lucky aspects of what you do.

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