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  3 days to S Club Carnival...Jon
Updated 28 January 2002, 12.27

With only three days to go to S Club 7's Carnival 2002 tour, Jon tells us how he has been preparing for it all.

To hear the full interview with Jon, click on 'Jon's gossip' at the top right of this page.

NR: How have the rehearsals gone?

Jon: They're going really well. There was a point about two weeks ago when I was thinking 'we're not going to be ready' but since then we've done our final dress rehearsal and it went really, really well so I'm much more confident now that it's all going to be fine. It kicks off on Wednesday so it's not long to go and we're all really, really excited. So I just hope it goes to plan.

NR: Do you think this tour's going to be better than the last one?

Jon: Definitely, the stage looks amazing and there's all trap doors and stuff. It's much more of a 'show' show. And there's songs from our new album which is great for us to perform. We're doing all our old singles too but to be able to do new songs too is really great.

Nicola, 15, from Derby: Are you going to be singing Sunshine on the tour as that's my favourite song?

Jon: Oh bless her! That's really sweet. Yeah I will be performing that on tour so that's cool. I get to do that one and I get to do Long and Winding Road by Paul McCartney.

NR: Jo said you had the best solo bit.

Jon: She said that was the best bit? Oh bless her! I shall have to be nice to her now. Oh never mind.

Alissa, 13: If you weren't in S Club would you have auditioned for Pop Idol, and would you have won?

Jon: Yeah I definitely would've entered. I think it's a great break for people even if they don't win it. They've become famous - everyone knows Gareth and Will, Zoe and Darius. They're already stars and that's great. I don't know if I would've won it or not - I hope I would've!

NR: How do you feel about the S Club movie?

Jon: I can't wait to find out what it's about! I think we're the only seven people who don't know what it's about which is a bit unnerving. I just know we're going to get the scripts on the plane on the way over there, as normal. I'm really excited to do it - it's a step up from the TV series. It'll be in the cinemas and we'll have our little premiere and stuff.

Cassandra,15, from Canada: What's the youngest girl you would date?

Jon: I don't think I'd go out with anyone younger than me - 19.

Rachel, 13, from Glasgow: Can you remember your first impressions of some of the other band members?

Jon: Yeah when I first met Jo she was really loud and in my face, and half of me wanted to slap her and half of me thought 'I'm really going to get on with you'. Bradley was late and that hasn't changed since so that was a good first impression.

Hannah, 8, from the Isle of Wight: What's your most embarrassing moment?

Jon: Probably when I vomited during a gig. I was really tired and we'd been working from the early hours of the morning the day before because that was Children in Need day, and we'd been doing that all through the night. Then we had to get up and do a gig the next day and I was really run down and really ill. I really pushed myself through the performance and it came to the last song and I ran to the back of the stage and was sick and I had to run off, which was very, very embarrassing. You could see all the people in the audience going 'Oh my God, I can't believe he just did that!' as I ran off stage with my hand over my mouth. So that was interesting.

Stacey, 13, from Dumfries: Have you ever snogged anyone to one of your own songs?

Jon: No I think that would be very unnerving - snogging someone with Jo wailing in the background. It's not my idea of a romantic kiss. So I try and steer clear of S Club music when I'm not actually working.

Eloise, 14, from Surrey: If one member wanted to leave, would the rest of the band split up?

Jon: Yes, it's S Club 7 or nothing. We wouldn't put it down to S Club 6 or get a new member because we're set in our ways now. We've been together for nearly four and a half years, so it would be really strange. I'd feel more sorry for the other person coming into us, that'd be so strange for them. It would be too weird so we'd just finish. Definitely.

Rowena from Shropshire: Which member of S Club would you say you're the closest to?

Jon: It varies every day. Some days me and Tina will sit down and have a good old gossip and a good old chat. Some days me, Jo and Rachel will go out on a shopping spree. Some days me, Bradley and Paul will just chill in a hotel room and watch a vid, or me and Hannah will go out on a weekend. It's different for different people and it changes all the time which is nice. I think that's why we all get on because we do different things together, which is cool.

Jon's GossipJon's Gossip

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