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  6 days to S Club Carnival...Bradley
Updated 25 January 2002, 15.20
With only six days to go to S Club 7's Carnival 2002 tour, Bradley kicks back and tells us how he relaxes.

NR: Do you think Hear'Say can continue without Kym?

Bradley: I think they probably can, you know what I mean. I don't know much about them but I think Kym's got quite a lot of personality, lots of character. I've met them all before and they're cool people. I don't know the whole story behind it, but I wish her the best of luck, and the rest of the guys the best of luck.

NR: What do you think their chances are of success without her?

Bradley: I think if you work hard at it and stuff like that then anything's possible but you can never predict, you know, like with the Spice Girls: you can't really change things sometimes. It's like, people buy ketchup for ketchup and if you take one certain element out of ketchup it's not going to taste the same so you're not going to buy it anymore, know what I mean?

NR: Do you think it was a sensible decision to carry on without Kym?

Bradley: Well, you know, you've got four other guys who are still really keen to be in the industry probably and they really want to continue with their music and I don't see why not.

NR: What do you think of the rumours of getting Zoe Birkett from Pop Idol to join them?

Bradley: To be honest with you I haven't really been watching Pop Idol 'cos we've been really busy preparing for out tour. I missed a lot of TV so I don't really know any of the Pop Idol girls and guys!

NR: Are you excited about the tour then?

Bradley: I can't wait! We've been building up for such a long time to get to this tour. And it's an older show - last year was more like bubblegum.

NR: And how have the rehearsals been going?

Bradley: The rehearsals are going great. Yesterday was the last rehearsal day and we had our managers and people from the record company come down to watch and we put on a couple of shows for them. It was cool! But I'm getting kind of nervous 'cos Wednesday's the first day and it's coming really quickly.

NR: So what are you going to do until the tour starts - how are you going to relax?

Bradley: Right now I'm just chilling in my room playing Playstation. I've only got a couple of days until I go on tour so I think I'll just rest up until the tour 'cos it's going to be parties every night.

NR: Will this be the best tour you've done so far do you think?

Bradley: We've only done two and because the last one warmed us up for this one, so we've got more experience now from the last tour. So this one will definitely be the better. I mean the other one was fun as well - it was completely different because of the way it was set out and the style was more like a West End show, it had a storyline to it, whereas this one is more musical.

NR: You're all doing solo bits aren't you - are you looking forward to that?

Bradley: Oh yeah! Everyone's got their solo bit, everyone does their thing so I'm looking forward to it.

NR: Do you know what you're going to be singing?

Bradley: I'm singing Right Guy, a song I wrote with Kathy Dennis, that's on the album and I'm doing Don't Stop Movin'.

NR: What do you think is the best thing about touring?

Bradley: Best thing about touring I think is because I'm a musician and I got into the band because I love to sing, I love to dance, I love to perform and a lot of the time you're just in a TV studio or on a photo shoot and not actually doing what you're there for, like singing and dancing. So when you're on tour that is all you're doing. That's what you're there for. You're dancing every day, you're singing live every day and you're performing, so you can't go wrong!

NR: Do you think it's the best thing about being in a band?

Bradley: Yeah definitely. But there are a lot of different things, you know, I like being in a band 'cos there are other people there who I know can back me up when I'm feeling tired. I know it's cool 'cos I've got six other guys there to support me. It's the same with them: if someone's down then the other six can cover for them.

NR: And do you get any free time at all?

Bradley: When you're on tour I think it's probably the easiest because you don't have to get up 'til three in the afternoon, then you go to the stage, then you do a sound rehearsal, then you can chill until the actual performance. but after the show, we go out, then come home and get a good sleep 'til three in the afternoon!

NR: So how's the movie coming along?

Bradley: We're still waiting for the scripts for the movie, it's taking quite a while, but they've definitely got the scripts in now and we just have to sit back and wait for April 'cos we're going to Canada to do the filming. But it's a definite.

NR: You guys are up for two Brit awards as well, are you looking forward to the awards ceremony?

Bradley: Yeah, I'm looking forward to it but it's every year it's a shame 'cos we never get to go 'cos we're always busy. And this year we're going to be on tour, so I don't think we can make it - I think we'll be in Glasgow.

NR: We've got a question from one of our viewers as well, Gemma: she wants to know what was better - winning a Brit award or Record of the Year?

Bradley: The Brit award was cool, but when we won it we were in America and it was, like, when we first came out - it was Best Newcomer - so it meant a lot to us definitely. But the Record of the Year was special in a different way 'cos we were there the whole night and it's a live thing. And you start from scratch and everyone votes there and then so it was spontaneous.

NR: We've got one from Maria, 13, and she wants to know is it weird in the band now that Paul and Hannah are an item?

Bradley: No, 'cos they've always been great friends, they're definitely soul mates and they've been good friends as far back as I can remember. They've always had something there that no one has, know what I mean? They've always had special jokes but that's cool and it doesn't change anything, they're professional people. You don't have to worry about two people, like, hiding in the toilets!

NR: I've got one from Ashley, 14, who wants to know how you cope with all those costume changes on tour?

Bradley: They're quite easy - as soon as you see us disappear from the stage, that is it - you might see us nice and calm walking off stage, but as soon as we're down underneath that stage, we are running like Linford Christie, throwing all our clothes off onto the floor! It's mad, it's mayhem down backstage.

NR: You don't ever mix your clothes up do you?

Bradley: I almost did the other day, but I'm getting used to them now!

NR: What happened the other day?

Bradley: Well the thing is, as soon as we get into our dressing rooms, the clothes are already set out but I kept on the same hat as I had on before - I forgot to take it off!

NR: Oh dear! Georgina, 11, who has the smelliest feet?

Bradley: Probably Paul, but you know I'm definitely a victim of that as well!

NR: Just one final question. Marie is leading the field of hundreds asking about the rumours of you splitting up - can you clear up those rumours for us?

Bradley: Yeah, we're NOT going to be splitting up. I don't even know how that came out, but we're not splitting up for a while, you know what I mean, we're going to be going on and on until people don't really want to hear our music anymore! We've still got a lot of fans that are just gagging for more, they want more of the S Club party!

NR: Well thank-you very much indeed Bradley - take care and good luck!

Bradley: Bye!

Bradley talks about touringBradley talks about touring

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