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  7 days to S Club Carnival...Tina
Updated 24 January 2002, 15.43

With only seven days to go until S Club 7's Carnival 2002 tour, Tina tells CBBC Newsround Online how she has been preparing for it.

NR: How's the preparation for the tour going?

Tina: Well rehearsals are going really well. We've been rehearsing for three weeks, there is a lot of work to get through. There are loads of songs, some new some old. Basically expect a really fun-packed night.

NR: Have you just come out of rehearsals then?

Tina: Yes I have just got off stage, kinda panting! Sorry.

NR: Don't worry.

Tina: At the moment we are rehearsing a 'here comes the Brits' kinda show that's introducing the Brit Awards before the actual ceremony.

NR: You have got seven days to go until Dublin the first date of your tour what kind of preparation have you done today?

Tina: We got up at 7am and went straight to Elstree studios where our stage is set up, (a mock-up of it) and warmed up our voices. Tomorrow is the last day of our rehearsals.

NR: Is that pretty nerve wrecking?

Tina: Yes it is quite because obviously for us there are definitely things that we can perfect more. I guess you can never be too ready. If it was up to us we would be rehearsing a lot longer. I guess it just keeps us on our toes.

NR: Last year I know you performed a dance solo, can we expect anything like that of you this year?

Tina: No, no it is going to be completely different from the last one. Definitely some surprises but I won't be putting on the ballet shoes this time!

NR: What about taking up the microphone, will you be doing any solos?

Tina: Oh yes everyone is.

NR: Everyone is doing a solo this year then?

Tina: Yeah everyone has got their song so that is kinda nice.

NR: What about costumes this year?

Tina: Costumes are colourful but also very, what's the word, quite fashionable as well.

NR: So do you feel excited now that you have run through the tour and you are getting to the end of rehearsals.

Tina: The tour is like our favourite thing without a doubt. I mean if it wasn't for the tour I don't think any of us would be in a band. Do you know what I mean because it is why we got involved in the music business in the first place to perform to an audience. Sometimes you don't always do that, when you are promoting you are in a sterile environment.

NR: What do you think it will be like doing all the tour dates do you get tired?

Tina: Not at all, I mean half the time we get up at lunch time so we will get more rest than we usually do.

NR: What are your plans for tomorrow?

Tina: Tomorrow we have another dress run, it is the final one. It's getting so close and it is very scary but I am looking forward to it.

NR: Whose idea was it to come up with this Carnival theme then?

Tina: It was our idea, something a little bit sunny and a bit special.

NR: Brilliant Tina good luck with the tour.

Tina: Bye, nice speaking to you.

Join us every day for a countdown to S Club 7's Carnival Tour. We will be getting the goss from a different member of the band every day - and we want YOUR questions. Click top right link for more details.

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