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  Lizo on Potter
Updated 05 November 2001, 19.48
Lizo's doing a webchat about Harry Potter
Lizo answered your questions about his trip to the Harry Potter film premiere.

Catch up on his chat by clicking on the link below:

  Watch chat  

Niamh Scarry, 10, Kenton
I went to the Harry Potter premiere as well, my favourite scene was the Quidditch scene, what was yours?

Lizo: I've got a couple actually, but I really loved the Troll and I thought that was really good fun seeing them all battling with it. For those of you who've read the books you know exactly how they manage to actually defeat it. And I thought the effects in there looked really good, it was just so realistic, no idea how they did it but it was just fab.

One of the scenes that we've had loads of e-mails about is the Quidditch scene, I think everyone can't wait to see that on screen. How do you think it came off?

Lizo: Well they were there flying on broomsticks and it was a lot more viscous than I imagined it would be, it was really you know nasty, they really were having a go at each other these two teams. So I think they managed to capture what looked like a very violent but fun sport.

Jamie, 14, Bradford
How did it feel to actually be at one of the world's most awaited premieres?

Lizo: Because I'm a huge Harry Potter fan I've been just as excited about the premiere as thousands of other people and actually being there, meeting the stars of the film, you had a real sense of excitement.
This was a one off you know there's only ever going to be one first Harry Potter film premiere, and you feel you were there at what's really a little bit of Harry Potter history.

Kelly, Market Harborough
Were you disappointed by anything in the film?

Lizo: Well you've got to go into a film and see it as a film, you can't go in there and say well that scene wasn't in the book.
Was I entertained, did it tell a good story and was it fun? And the answer to all those three questions is yes for me.

Lauren, 13, Doncaster
Would you like to have been in the film?

Lizo: Well if they were to offer me it you know I I would obviously say yes, but I somehow think that's very unlikely to happen but I'd love to kind of pop up in a little wizard's hat at the back of the shot somewhere like that.

Rebecca, 8, East Finchley
If you were Harry Potter what would you use the invisibility cloak for?

Lizo:I'd probably use it for generally sneaking around so people you know wouldn't notice me so I can walk down the street or nip to the shops. But of course if I nipped to the shops in it I would leave the money on the counter they just wouldn't know where it had come from.

Antonia, 7, London
Did you think some of the parts of the film were scary?

Lizo:Snape I thought was very scary in the movie, that was really kind of like ooh sent shivers down your spine. And the final confrontation, I won't spoil it for people who haven't read the books but that was scary too.

Ralph, 15, Reading
Do you think the film lives up to the expectations of Harry Potter fans?

Lizo:As a huge Harry Potter fan you know I went in there and I enjoyed watching the movie for two and a half hours. For every other Harry Potter fan out there you know who might like the books for different reasons than I liked them its impossible to say. I think it stayed faithful to the to the book that I love.

Clare, 14, Stroud
Does the film really cover everything that happens in the book or does it skip certain bits of the story?

Lizo:Telling a story in a book is very different to telling a story on film. I've been a film critic for years and years and that was a film that I thought was one of the best book adaptations I've ever seen.

Tania, 10, Minneapolis
Why is Harry's scar all the way to the right?

Lizo:The book doesn't say exactly where it is, so if the film makers want to put it on the right that's absolutely fine by me, I think it looks great there.

Lynn, 16, Hong Kong
Do you think it's a good ending if Harry died last?

Lizo:Nobody knows what's going to happen in the next three books apart from J.K. Rowling so who knows, that's the kind of question your have to ask her.

Adam, 10
Why do you like Harry Potter so much, do you like any other books?

Lizo:I love Harry Potter because I think they're really fun, well written, enjoyable books. I can sit down and read them - they make me laugh and they make me scared and I just love all that kind of thing, but I read so many so many other books. I read books by authors like Philip Pullman, David Almond, Darren Shan there's a whole wealth of children's literature out there that people should read and enjoy.

Hannah, 8, Morley
Did the actor who plays Harry read the books before he got the part?

Lizo:I think he said in interviews that he'd read some of them but you know I off the top of my head I can't remember.

Bronagh, 12, Derry
Are you going to see the Lord of the Rings film in December, even though it rivals Harry Potter?

Lizo:It doesn't rival Harry Potter, it's a different film. Lord of the Rings is a film that I'm very excited about because I did enjoy that first book The Fellowship of the Ring.
And some of the bits I've seen are fantastic, it looks as though they've got amazing effects and its just great to see another big classic like that up on the big screen.

Ebony, 11, Mornington
On Newsround there was a chance to audition for the first Harry Potter movie will this be happening again?

Lizo: That was just a one off thing we did for the main parts in the first movie. Newsround is not involved in helping people get parts in the movie so please don't write to us. And you know, if you want a part in the movie so do I!

James, 10, Oldham
When will the second Harry Potter movie be out?

Lizo:I don't know, it's a question only Warner Brothers, the people who've made the Harry Potter movie, can answer. I'm hoping it will be out in about a year's time a year to a year and a half's time, but I think we'll just have to wait until they've finished it and they're happy with it and it will come out then.

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