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  Shrek the sheep gets celeb status
Updated 21 April 2004, 16.48
Shrek the sheep - that's a lot of wool!
Shrek the woolly sheep who has not had a hair cut for six years has become a massive celebrity in New Zealand.

Hundreds have been to see the fuzzy fellow, but he has sparked a big debate about whether he should be shorn.

There was a concern that suddenly losing his coal might be too much of a shock, but experts say he will be fine. His owner will shear him for charity.

Shrek was finally caught after years of escaping the baaarbers. His 27kg wool coat could make over 20 large suits.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Animals (RSPCA) was worried about the decision not to shear Shrek when he was caught. His haircut was going to be on Sunday, but his fame delayed it.

The RSPCA did not want other farmers to put off shearing sheep, just to get attention.

Fact File
Shear facts
Most sheep are shorn once a year
Shorn using mechanical clippers
A very good shearer can shear up to 200 sheep a day
1988: Record 2,220 sheep sheared in 24 hours
Source: Queensland government
They were also worried that Shrek could catch hypothermia with no coat. They are now satisfied that he will be alright.

Shrek's owner is now looking into whether his sheep could make it into the Guinness Book of Records.

Over 500 fans crowded the New Zealand farm catch a sight of the hairy creature. Money made from people who want to watch his shearing will go to charity.

Watch Ellie Crisell's reportWatch Ellie Crisell's report

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