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  Sumatra tigers facing extinction
Updated 16 March 2004, 06.33
Sumatran tiger
Indonesia is set to lose its last remaining tiger species, say experts.

The Worldwide Fund for Nature says the Sumatran tiger is being hunted so much that it is on the brink of extinction.

They reckon that at least 50 are being killed by poachers each year. This is a lot as there are less than 500 of the big cats left on the island now.

The WWF is now asking the Indonesian government to crack down on illegal trading in tiger products and stop cutting down forests to produce paper.

Poached for body parts

Sumatran tiger with a cub in her mouth
Sumatran tiger with a cub
Poachers kill the cats for their body parts. Tiger skins, claws and teeth are all used in traditional medicine and as magic charms and jewellery.

The Sumatran tiger is the last remaining species to survive in Indonesia as tigers from Bali and Java died out last century.

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