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  Rare breed wins Pup of the Year
Updated 08 January 2004, 18.25
Woods poses with his owner and Crufts presenter Philippa Forrestor
By Genevieve Hassan
CBBC Newsround Online

A rare breed of dog has won this year's Pup of the Year competition.

19-month-old Cuboglach Woodland Brown, better known as 'Woods' at home, beat off competition from 30 other dogs to win the title.

An Irish Water Spaniel, Woods is the first of his breed ever to win Pup of the Year, but was quite laid back after receiving his prize rosette.

Woods' owner Martyn Ford was thrilled with his victory. He said: "We're very proud. We came with no expectations and the fact we've won is outstanding."

Woods and his owner celebrate their win
Woods and his owner celebrate their win

Next stop Crufts!

Many dogs who have won Pup of the Year in the past have gone on to win at Crufts, the UK's biggest dog show. Martyn's hopeful for Woods:

"He'll be at Crufts in March and hopefully he'll get lots of lovely lady Irish Water Spaniels wanting to meet him! But I'd like to make him into a champion. I do hold high hopes for him winning. Perhaps not this year as he's still quite a young dog, but maybe next year in 2005 - so look out!"

Fave outfit

When not competing, Woods can be found swimming or running in his favourite 'go faster' full lycra bodysuit.

"The first time he got in it he didn't realise he could bend his legs and walked around all stiff, but now he won't go out in the woods unless he's got his suit on."

Floyd the Norfolk Terrier, took second place
Floyd the Norfolk Terrier, took second place

So what makes a champion pup? Judge Zena Thorn-Andrews has bred some prize-winning pooches herself. She said, "You've got to allow them to bounce around a bit, but they've got to be the best of their breed. Woods is such a personality, in wonderful condition and just sparkled on the day."

Crufts presenter and dog lover, Philippa Forrester also approved of Woods' win.

"I've just given him a really big hug and he's really huggable! It's nice that he's won because he's quite a rare breed and people don't know much about them. He's a natural winner. I love dogs - I've got a border collie and I love their personalities and the fact they're so loyal and playful."

Floyd, a Norfolk Terrier from Staffordshire, came second.

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