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  Ban called for on sale of cat and dog fur
Updated 08 May 2003, 16.34
The skins of dogs and cats are being sold in Europe
Campaigners are trying to get European politicians to ban people from selling the fur of dogs and cats.

It's thought that thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands, of cat and dog skins are bought and sold every year in Europe.

A BBC journalist says he's seen a video that shows a man from Belgium with a blanket that he says was made from cat skins.

Fact File
Fur facts
12 to 15 adult dogs needed to make a dog fur coat
Up to 24 cats needed for cat fur coat
Dog fur sometimes labelled as: Asian jackal, Corsac fox or simply fake or exotic fur
Cat fur sometimes labelled as: house cat, wild cat, rabbit, mountain cat
The man went on to say that stray cats and dogs are rounded up in the country so they can be used to make things like blankets and coats.

European MPs deny this sort of thing is going on, saying that there aren't any farms in Europe that are raising cats and dogs for their skins.

They also said that they can't impose a ban across the continent, saying it was up to each country's government to do it, something only Italy has done.

A British Euro MP, Struan Stevenson, says that two million cats and dogs are killed every year in China so their fur can be sold on in Europe.

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