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  Fat cat is Pet Slimmer of the Year
Updated 31 January 2002, 22.06
Pet slimmers
Casper the cat and Ben the dog have chased off stiff competition to be crowned Pet Slimmers of the Year.

Ben reduced his weight by 4.5 kg and Casper lost 2.2 kg - that's about a quarter of their body weight each.

Click here to see before and after pix of Ben

Click here to see how Casper shaped up

Half of the cats and dogs in the UK are overweight - that's over seven million fat cats and podgy pooches. Ben and Casper were up against 20 other finalists, all of which were told to diet under orders from their vets.

They ate special food that kept them healthy but helped them lose the extra kilos. But for some it wasn't easy.

Moment of weakness

Finalist Lucky
Lucky fought temptation
Lucky lost 3.7 kg in five months. But half way through his diet he found a turkey in the bin, according to his owner Brenda Hayes.

"Although we'd warned the neighbours not to feed Lucky, he found a turkey carcass in the bin after Christmas.

"He fed off it for three days and put 0.45 kg of weight on again!"

Happier hound

Finalist Poppy
Poppy has more energy now
Crossbreed dog Poppy gained weight when her owner's five year old daughter Julia kept feeding her snacks on the sly.

Poppy's now a massive 11.4 kg lighter and a much happier hound for it.

"Now she can jump around in the garden and play like she always wanted to," said Poppy's proud owner.

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