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Weekly reach of news services
Between April and June 2003 the main daily news programmes on BBC One and BBC Two reached 24.2 million viewers per week. Network radio news and current affairs programming reached 16.1 million listeners whilst the News Online service reached 3.2 million UK internet users

Over the same period, BBC News 24's average reach in multichannel homes was 2.5 million people. Simulcasting on BBC One and BBC Two during the war in Iraq saw it reach 23 million people on one day alone.

In an ICM poll BBC News was rated most highly for coverage of the war across all media. 93% of the UK population used the BBC to follow events in the first two weeks of the war.

Audience to news bulletins
In 2002/2003 the BBC Six O'Clock News was the most watched network news programme with an average nightly audience of 5.3 million viewers. The BBC Ten O'Clock News had an average audience of 5.1 million.


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