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Current Affairs
By Peter Horrocks
Head of Current Affairs

Opening titles of the Panorama programmes
Panorama is the flagship current affairs television programme
Programmes made by the Current Affairs department are broadcast on television, radio and online.


On television a broad range of programmes are produced for BBC One, Two, Three and Four.

BBC One broadcasts the award-winning Panorama - the BBC's flagship investigative journalism strand. Current Affairs also carry out popular investigations in the magazine programme Real Story.

BBC One also hosts themed days which cover important topical issues. Previous event days include Your NHS, Cracking Crime, Asylum Day and Iraq Day.

Current Affairs also produces a diverse range of output for BBC Two.

This includes the new This World series which will present engaging human stories and investigations supported by interactive and online elements that bring together the best of the BBC's foreign coverage.

There are also insightful documentaries including series such as Black Britain and one-off films such as Smallpox 2002 and The Day Britain Stopped.

In addition there are ad-hoc special programmes and political debates including What the World Thinks of America.

Working Lunch presenter Adam Shaw
Working Lunch's Adam Shaw with the programme's FTSE 350 board
BBC Two is also home to the daily business and personal finance programme Working Lunch.

Current Affairs will soon launch a new series aimed at exploring the big issues often ignored in today's more story-based documentaries. Rather than looking back at events it will attempt to predict what the future is likely to hold.

BBC Three broadcasts lively hard-hitting documentaries such as The Third Degree as well as broader current affairs issues such as Blair for a Day and Fantasy Retirement.

BBC Four deals with insightful profiles and interviews on the Talk Show plus thought provoking seasons and debates.


On radio, most Current Affairs programming is produced for Radio 4 and Radio Five Live, although programmes are also made for Radio 1, 2, 3, and 1xtra.

Radio 4 is home to the award-winning investigation programme File on 4 and populist specialisms such as Money Box, In Business, Inside Money, Law in Action and Global Business which is broadcast on the World Service.

Ideas and influences in policy and society are examined through our Analysis strand and the Reith Lectures. World current affairs are addressed in Crossing Continents, Euro News, From Our Own Correspondent and Letter from America.

Radio Five Live hosts the weekly 5Live Reports series - an hour-long investigative programme.


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