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Chris Morris
Chris Morris
BBC Europe correspondent

Chris Morris has been one of the BBC's Europe correspondents since 2001.

Prior to this he was the BBC's Turkey correspondent.

Chris joined the BBC in 1988 in the World Service radio newsroom.

From 1990-92 he was Sri Lanka Correspondent based in Colombo, covering Sri Lanka's civil war and other stories in South Asia such as the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, and the rise of Hindu nationalism.

In 1994 he became the BBC State Department correspondent, based in Washington, and travelling around the world with the US Secretary of State.

Chris covered crises in Haiti and North Korea, frequently visited the Middle East, and reported on the Dayton peace talks which ended the civil war in Bosnia Hercegovina. He also covered Bill Clinton's victory in the 1996 US Presidential elections.

From 1997-2001 he was the BBC's Turkey Correspondent, living first in Ankara and then opening the BBC's new bureau in Istanbul. The stories he covered included the two massive earthquakes which hit north-western Turkey in 1999, and the arrest and trial of the Kurdish rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan.

As a BBC Europe correspondent Chris covers European politics and diplomacy, including EU enlargement and the debate about the proposed European constitution, as well as breaking news stories across the continent such as the Madrid train bombings in 2004, and the murder of the Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindt in 2003.

In the last few years he has also reported from conflict zones in Iraq, Israel and the Palestinian territories, and the Balkans.

He now lives in Brussels with his wife and son.


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