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To find out more about a BBC News programme
Many of our programmes have their own web-sites. These contain contact details and information on recent broadcasts.

Choose from the dropdown list of programme sites below.



BBC World Service programmes
A list of BBC World Service programmes can be found here:

Listening to Radio programmes again
Many BBC radio programmes are available online for 7 days after transmission via the BBC Radio Player

Watching TV programmes again
Programme websites often make available the most recent broadcast. Use the drop down lists above to search by programme.

Tape recordings of programmes
In general, our copyright agreements only allow broadcasts; duplication and distribution of programme tapes has to be negotiated as a separate commercial agreement. In these cases, we can only provide recordings if they're commercially available.

To buy BBC programmes and other material:

In some cases, programmes can make tapes available in return for an administration fee. Check with the programme site in question for more information.


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