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A huge international relief effort to help survivors of the Indian Ocean tsunami is getting under way. But what supplies do people need and how will the aid be delivered?
food ration

transportation of aid

World Food Programme basic food packs are made up of carbohydrate such as rice, biscuits and noodles plus pulses, protein, oil, salt and sugar. The aim is to provide 2,100 Calories a day per person.

The tsunami has not only wiped out people's immediate food stocks, it has also destroyed fishing boats and contaminated farmland.

Several aid agencies are already working to revive the fishing industry in India and Sri Lanka.

Drinking water has also been polluted in many areas hit by the tsunami.

Initially bottled water is being supplied but engineers are also working to establish reliable clean water sources in the worst hit areas.

Buckets and hand pumps are also vital supplies and longer term responses include the chlorination of contaminated wells.


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