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BBC NEWS September 11, one year on
Judy Keen
USA Today reporter
Rob Bach
US pilot
Lord Robertson
Nato Secretary General
Michael Farri
Fire captain, Pentagon
Tony Blair
UK Prime Minister
Zohra Tahiri
Teacher, Kabul
Dr Zaki Badawi
British Muslim cleric
Condoleezza Rice
US national security adviser
Lisa Lefler
Worked in World Trade Center
Howard Lutnick
Chief executive, Cantor Fitzgerald
Rick Thornton
Ferry captain, New York
Sarar Hareth Ibrahimi
Baghdad resident
Katie Hochbaum
15-year-old schoolgirl, New York
Faten Elwan
Palestinian, Ramallah
Mikhal El-Yeshiv
Teacher, Jerusalem
Orshum Parks
New mother, New York

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Faten Elwan
Palestinian journalist

Ramallah, on the West Bank

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First of all when got the news we were sort of happy. But we didn’t see the pictures at that moment.

When we started seeing the pictures it was totally different. It was unbelievable and I cannot imagine what kind of person can do this kind of thing – getting into a building where there might be children, women and men. They’re innocent people.

With the Pentagon, okay I’m totally happy about it. But the other building no, it was totally unbelievable, unhuman.

Boy, it was way too bad. We were all in a state of shock. It was like you were seeing a movie.

Most of my family are in the United States and I heard really bad news about them getting attacked by Americans, if they’re wearing a hejab [headscarf] or something.

'Same wavelength'

They don’t feel safe any more. So if my people and my family are not feeling safe then it’s the same in here, I don’t feel safe… It did make a difference in our lives.

The whole image of any Arab person all over the world became, “he’s a terrorist” which is not true.

At the end of the day they are human beings, they are like any other human beings. They have their soul, they have their life, they have their children and none of us, none of those Arab people, were happy to see a building going down on the people who were inside it.

Because we are Palestinians, being attacked every single day by Israeli soldiers on our way to school, on our way to work – it was like totally understandable for us.

For a while it was like we were on the same wavelength. Their children are now facing what our children are facing which is not fair for either of the two.


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