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BBC NEWS September 11, one year on
Judy Keen
USA Today reporter
Rob Bach
US pilot
Lord Robertson
Nato Secretary General
Michael Farri
Fire captain, Pentagon
Tony Blair
UK Prime Minister
Zohra Tahiri
Teacher, Kabul
Dr Zaki Badawi
British Muslim cleric
Condoleezza Rice
US national security adviser
Lisa Lefler
Worked in World Trade Center
Howard Lutnick
Chief executive, Cantor Fitzgerald
Rick Thornton
Ferry captain, New York
Sarar Hareth Ibrahimi
Baghdad resident
Katie Hochbaum
15-year-old schoolgirl, New York
Faten Elwan
Palestinian, Ramallah
Mikhal El-Yeshiv
Teacher, Jerusalem
Orshum Parks
New mother, New York

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Orshum Parks
New mother

Beth Israel hospital, lower Manhattan

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On September 11 I was in the hospital giving birth to Madison Parks, at approximately 0650.

As I was being wheeled from the recovery room to my room, that’s when the first plane hit the first tower. We just figured it was just an accident, a terrible accident.

But as we were going to the room, shortly after, the second plane hit. So that’s when we realised there was maybe something more to it.

And we got a little nervous and just worried about what was really going on.

'World ending'

I was happy I had the baby but scared, because I figured after all these years we have a baby and it seems like the world is coming to an end. So we were just a little nervous and not really sure what was going on outside.

You just couldn’t picture what was happening. When we got to the room we finally got a TV and just to see it all… I couldn’t believe it. It just didn’t even look real.

I really couldn’t even focus on having a baby. We were just so worried about what going on outside. Was our family trying to get to us? We couldn’t call anyone. No-one could call us.

It was just scary. We were just trying to figure out what was going on outside.


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