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BBC NEWS September 11, one year on
Judy Keen
USA Today reporter
Rob Bach
US pilot
Lord Robertson
Nato Secretary General
Michael Farri
Fire captain, Pentagon
Tony Blair
UK Prime Minister
Zohra Tahiri
Teacher, Kabul
Dr Zaki Badawi
British Muslim cleric
Condoleezza Rice
US national security adviser
Lisa Lefler
Worked in World Trade Center
Howard Lutnick
Chief executive, Cantor Fitzgerald
Rick Thornton
Ferry captain, New York
Sarar Hareth Ibrahimi
Baghdad resident
Katie Hochbaum
15-year-old schoolgirl, New York
Faten Elwan
Palestinian, Ramallah
Mikhal El-Yeshiv
Teacher, Jerusalem
Orshum Parks
New mother, New York

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Dr Zaki Badawi
British Muslim cleric


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When I saw it I was frankly astonished. I thought it was just part of a film with special effects.

I was horrified to think this has happened, the aeroplane and the aeroplane carrying passengers.

And I sat down to think - imagine myself in such a plane and somebody came to me and said: "Sorry chum, we are changing your destiny. You are not going to arrive at the particular airport that you wanted to, but you have now have the honour of being a part of a bomb to try to kill people who are innocent with whom I have no particular quarrel."

And then to sacrifice your life for the purpose. I mean the sense of terror, the sense of utter sympathy in my view for the people who are travelling, quite innocent, and the sense of horror at what happened to the people in the buildings that were there standing, following their own peaceful work - doing nothing apart from performing their duties.

Overpowering feeling

I just felt utter disgust and really very, very great anger. I could not believe that any human being would take such action no matter what the cause may be.

These are not people who should be a target for any such action, nor for that matter the buildings which were really buildings dealing with the trade throughout the world.

I mean the World Trade Center, was really a world trade centre in the sense that every nation had its own people working there and every bank in the world. Any respectable bank or financial institution had something to do with the centre.

So I just felt that feeling overpowered me. I really tried to say "Who could have done it and why?"

I thought, well this way it was done required enormous planning and tremendous skill, apart from overpowering rage and hatred that could motivate people into not only sacrificing their own lives but sacrificing the life of utterly innocent people, innocent passengers and innocent people sitting at their desks.

A McVeigh did not appear

I mean, if you want to attack America and to express your hatred and to express your disapproval of American policy this is hardly the way.

I just sat down and said "Who on earth would be doing that?"

And I thought well, people will immediately accuse Muslims. I am always suspicious of this because I thought well Oklahoma also when it happened everybody said "the Muslims" until they discovered Mr [Timothy] McVeigh.

I hoped that another McVeigh would emerge very quickly, otherwise there would be a mobilisation against the Muslims everywhere. Unfortunately a McVeigh did not appear.


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