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BBC NEWS September 11, one year on
Judy Keen
USA Today reporter
Rob Bach
US pilot
Lord Robertson
Nato Secretary General
Michael Farri
Fire captain, Pentagon
Tony Blair
UK Prime Minister
Zohra Tahiri
Teacher, Kabul
Dr Zaki Badawi
British Muslim cleric
Condoleezza Rice
US national security adviser
Lisa Lefler
Worked in World Trade Center
Howard Lutnick
Chief executive, Cantor Fitzgerald
Rick Thornton
Ferry captain, New York
Sarar Hareth Ibrahimi
Baghdad resident
Katie Hochbaum
15-year-old schoolgirl, New York
Faten Elwan
Palestinian, Ramallah
Mikhal El-Yeshiv
Teacher, Jerusalem
Orshum Parks
New mother, New York

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Zohra Tahiri


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Last year on 11 September I was at home when I heard about the incidents which happened in America.

I was really shocked – me, my family, everybody, because it was not a good action.

At the time I thought maybe, because I heard of some warning from America’s Government, and everybody thought maybe American bombing might start in Afghanistan because of these actions.

We hear that they say that some people involved were in Afghanistan.

Everybody became scared about the start of the bombing in Afghanistan.

It was very hard when the bombing started.

I was at home. My family were all in Kabul.

Bomb fears

It was really hard, especially during the night when we heard the voice of the jet planes arrive and drop off a lot of bombs in every direction around Kabul. Everybody was scared at that time.

On my street it was just my family left there. All the people escaped. Some of the people have now migrated to Pakistan, to Iran, or to some other provinces in Afghanistan.

My family were at that time at home because we didn’t want to move. We knew that if the aeroplane came it might drop a bomb on us or it might not.

And somebody said they would drop the bomb on specific directions, not on the ordinary people so we felt a little comfort at that time. We stayed at home and listened to the radio about the progress of the tanks.

We were at home and we heard the voice of the bombing.

It was very close to my house, every night, every day. Even one night I heard that a bomb was dropped around my house.

We were scared a lot. My family, my brothers, my sisters – we were scared a lot. It was very dangerous.


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