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Sir Menzies Campbell Sir

Acting leader and foreign affairs spokesman.
Age: 64. Educated: Hillhead High School, Glasgow; Glasgow University; Stanford University, California. Married, stepson. Former lawyer and Olympic runner. Former defence spokesman.

Liberal Democrats' most respected "elder statesman" who promises to unite the party under policies on poverty, personal liberty, social justice, the environment and internationalism. Not allied to either wing of party.

"Ming" was first candidate to declare and the clear early favourite. Some felt he might suffer for his age and suggestions he would be a caretaker leader but his final victory was convincing.
1st round - 23,264 votes
2nd round - 29,697 votes

Simon Hughes Simon

Party president. Age: 54. Educated: Llandaff Cathedral school, Cardiff; Christ College, Brecon; Selwyn College, Cambridge. Single. Former barrister who has held many of the party's frontbench posts. Candidate for London mayor in 2004.

Well-known traditionalist offering an unapologetically liberal agenda with an emphasis on public services financed through taxation, improving civil liberties and implementing voting reform. Widely seen as left of the Labour government.

Always popular with party grassroots, although less so with parliamentary colleagues. May have suffered after having to apologise if he had misled people over his sexuality.
1st round - 12,081 votes (eliminated)

Chris Huhne Chris

Economics spokesman. Age: 51. Educated: Westminster School; University of Paris-Sorbonne; Magdalen College, Oxford. MP since last year. Married, five children. Former city economist and Guardian writer. Euro MP 1999-2005.

Has placed great emphasis on higher environmental taxes to combat global warming and pollution, combined with lower taxes for least well-off. Seen as one of the new generation of economically liberal right-wing Lib Dem MPs.

As an MP for only nine months, the "dark horse" candidate did far better than might have been expected. He was seen to have run a strong campaign.
1st round - 16,691 votes
2nd round - 21,628 votes (eliminated)



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