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David Cameron David

Shadow education secretary. Age: 39. Educated: Eton; Brasenose College, Oxford. Married, two children. Former advisor to Norman Lamont & Michael Howard & a communications director at Carlton TV.

Young "moderniser" who believes his old-Tory style background will not get in the way of ambition to re-shape & update party.

Now the bookies' favourite. Darling of so-called Notting Hill set of modernisers, who see him as their version of Tony Blair & a leap into the future.
1st round MPs' votes: 56
2nd round MPs' votes: 90

David Davis David

Shadow home secretary. Age: 56. Educated: Tooting Bec Grammar School; Warwick University; London & Harvard business schools. Married, three children. Ex-Europe minister & party chairman.

From the traditional right, Davis is standing on a more centrist platform. Eurosceptic and ex-SAS part-timer with tough council house upbringing which he hopes will help give credibility to vision of widening opportunity.

Once the favourite, now in second place on the odds board after his Tory conference speech - but still has the most MPs publicly supporting him.
1st round MPs' votes: 62
2nd round MPs' votes: 57

Liam Fox Liam

Shadow foreign secretary. Age: 44. Educated: St Bride's High School, East Kilbride; Glasgow University. Qualified and worked as a GP. Engaged. Ex-health spokesman and co-chairman of party.

From the traditional Tory right, a Eurosceptic who wants lower taxes. As shadow health secretary he developed the "patients' passports". Better mental health services has been a core campaign message.

Dr Fox, once best known for Natalie Imbruglia friendship, was dark horse of campaign, cannily building support but just failed to nip ahead of Davis.
1st round MPs' votes: 42
2nd round MPs' votes: 51

Kenneth Clarke Kenneth

On backbenches. Age: 65. Educated: Nottingham High School & Caius College, Cambridge. Married, two children. Former chancellor, home & health secretary.

A genuine "big beast" who has moved to temper Euro-enthusiasm to woo right-wingers opposed to his liberal, One Nation outlook.

Twice-defeated leadership contender seen by supporters as only contender who could maul Labour and win next election, but seen by others as yesterday's man.
1st round MPs' votes: 38 (eliminated)

Malcolm Rifkind Malcolm

Shadow work and pensions secretary. Age: 59. Educated: George Watson's College; Edinburgh University. Married, two children. Ex-defence and foreign secretary.

Another big hitter from party's left who has called for return to Edward Heath style One Nation Conservatism. Disagrees with Ken Clarke over Europe.

Was talked of as natural leadership material in previous Thatcher & Major governments, but may suffer in comparison to friend Ken Clarke.
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