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Susan Watts, Science Editor, BBC Newsnight

Susan Watts interviewed David Kelly in May and her shorthand notes revealed that he had also mentioned to her the name of Alastair Campbell in relation to the 45 minutes claim.

She had dismissed it as relatively unimportant "gossip" and did not include the name in her Newsnight broadcast although she did quote Dr Kelly's doubts about the 45 minutes claim.

Lord Hutton said the scientist must have become worried the MoD would find out he had been discussing intelligence matters with Ms Watts.

After a tip-off from Andrew Gilligan, the foreign affairs committee asked Dr Kelly if he was the source for the Newsnight quotes.

Dr Kelly lied and said he was not. Lord Hutton said this must have weighed on his mind especially when he realised that a tape of his conversation with Ms Watts appeared to be in existence.

In her evidence, Ms Watts whom Lord Hutton described as "an accurate and reliable witness" - said she had later felt under pressure from BBC management whom she thought were trying to use her report to corroborate Andrew Gilligan's work - but she argued that there were important differences.

2 June 2003: Susan Watts Newsnight report, sourced from David Kelly


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He must have been worried that it would emerge he had had a discussion with Ms Watts about intelligence
Hutton on Kelly


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