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Lord Hutton in charge of the inquiry

Lord Hutton has finally delivered his 328 page report into the circumstances surrounding the death of the government weapons adviser Dr David Kelly.

In his main finding he said that the allegations made against the government by BBC reporter Andrew Gilligan that the 45 minute claim was known to be wrong and that the dossier was changed against the wishes of the intelligence community were both "unfounded".

After interviewing over 70 witnesses during 22 days of hearings he said that he was satisfied that the scientist had taken his own life, as there was no evidence of a struggle or violence from a third party at the scene of his death.

Lord Hutton was appointed by the prime minister to head the inquiry which opened on 1 August 2003.

Despite his best attempts to keep his report a secret until its publication, it was leaked to the Sun newspaper ahead of time.

Lord Hutton: "I'm satisfied that Dr Kelly took his own life"

I am satisfied that Dr Kelly did not say to Mr Gilligan that the government probably knew or suspected that the 45 minute claim was wrong
Lord Hutton


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