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John Scarlett, Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee

John Scarlett was the man responsible for overseeing the production of the government's intelligence dossier on Iraq which was published in September 2002.

Andrew Gilligan alleged in his broadcast that undue pressure from Downing Street was being placed on the intelligence services who were working on the dossier.

After looking at the evidence Lord Hutton said he was "satisfied" that the Joint Intelligence Committee, chaired by Mr Scarlett had been concerned to ensure that the contents of the dossier were consistent with what the JIC believed to be the truth.

But Lord Hutton added that the publication of the dossier may have made its wording "stronger" than if it had been an internal government document.

He also added that it "cannot be ruled out" that Tony Blair's wishes for a strong dossier may have influenced Mr Scarlett.



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Mr Scarlett was concerned to ensure that the contents of the dossier were consistent with the intelligence available to the JIC
Lord Hutton on Scarlett


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