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Greg Dyke, former BBC Director General

The director general announced his resignation the day after Lord Hutton delivered his report. He was the second senior member of the BBC to resign, standing down after Gavyn Davies quit as chairman of the BBC's board of governors.

Mr Dyke said that he hoped his resignation would draw a line under the affair.

In his report Lord Hutton found that the BBC's editorial system was defective, and he criticised BBC managers for not checking the detail of Andrew Gilligan's report on the government's dossier on Iraq.

He said that if they had done so they would have found that Mr Gilligan's notes did not support his most serious allegations.

Speaking before the publication of the report the then director general said that the corporation would seek to learn lessons from what had happened and would consider scripting live discussions between presenters and correspondents in future.


The BBC management failed to make an examination of Mr Gilligan's notes of his meeting with Dr Kelly
Lord Hutton on the BBC


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