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Andrew Gilligan, Defence Correspondent, BBC Radio 4's Today programme

Lord Hutton has dismissed as "unfounded" the claims reported by the BBC journalist in the 29 May edition of Today, which began the chain of events that would lead to the Kelly inquiry.

He criticised Andrew Gilligan's allegation in his first report that the government probably knew the claim that Iraq could launch weapons of mass destruction in 45 minutes was wrong.

This was a grave allegation which challenged the integrity of the government, he said.

Also "unfounded" was the claim that the 45 minutes detail was not in first draft of the dossier because it was from only one source. The real reason was because it was not received by the intelligence services until late August, said Lord Hutton.

As for Mr Gilligan's allegation that Alastair Campbell "sexed up" the dossier, Lord Hutton also judged that to be without foundation.

Mr Campbell was entitled to assist with the presentation of evidence considered reliable by the Joint Intelligence Committee, he said.

It was impossible to decide from Mr Gilligan's notes what Dr Kelly had actually said at their meeting, Lord Hutton added.


29 May 2003: Andrew Gilligan's original report for the Today Programme


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The allegations reported by Mr Gilligan... were unfounded
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