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Alastair Campbell, former Downing Street Director of Communications

When Tony Blair's communications chief Alastair Campbell appeared before the Hutton inquiry he denied that the government attempted to "sex up" the Iraq dossier, against the wishes of the intelligence community.

In his judgement Lord Hutton said he believed Mr Campbell was clear that nothing should be inserted into the dossier that went against the wishes of the Joint Intelligence Committee.

He also said that BBC reporter Andrew Gilligan's broadcast which said that Downing Street probably knew or suspected that the 45 minutes claim was wrong was "unfounded".

When referring to the close working arrangement that evolved between the man responsible for drawing up the dossier and Alastair Campbell Lord Hutton said that he did not think it was improper for John Scarlett to listen to Mr Campbell's suggestions.

Mr Campbell resigned from his post as Tony Blair's director of communications part-way through Lord Hutton's investigation, but he said his departure was nothing to do with the inquiry, and was an attempt "to get a life back for me and my family".


25 June 2003: Alastair Campbell's testimony to Foreign Affairs Committee

8-15 July 2003
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Mr Campbell recognised that nothing should be stated in the dossier with which the intelligence community were not entirely happy
Lord Hutton on Campbell


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