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London attacks
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The shooting
Mr Menezes entered a carriage of a northbound Northern Line train and sat on a seat facing the platform.

The leaked documents suggest a surveillance officer, codenamed Hotel 3, followed him on to the train and sat a few seats away. According to his account, there were other members of the surveillance team near the open doors.

"Hotel 3" reportedly got up and held the doors open for armed officers whom he spotted on the platform.

He said in his statement that he heard shouting - including the word "police" - before Mr Menezes stood up and advanced towards him and the armed police.

The officer said he grabbed the man, wrapping his arms around him and pinning his arms to his side. He pushed the man back into his seat and heard the first of the gun shots, according to the leaked statement.

Police told the coroner Mr Menezes was shot seven times in the head and once in the shoulder. The documents said three other bullets had missed him.

Within hours of the shooting, Met chief Sir Ian Blair wrote to the Home Office, urging a delay in bringing in the Independent Police Complaints Commission for fear of jeopardising the police terrorism investigation.

He said in a subsequent interview he did not know the shooting had been a mistake until 24 hours afterwards.

Although the IPCC was called in on 22 July, the investigation was not formally handed over until 27 July five days later.

Layout of the carriage where Mr Menezes was shot
One of the surveillance team sat close to Mr Menezes on the train

Mr Menezes body after he was shot
Mr Menezes was shot eight times in the carriage

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair
It was 24 hours before Sir Ian Blair knew the shooting was a mistake

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