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London attacks


Clickable map showing site of four blasts: Liverpool Street, Russell Square, Edgware Road and Tavistock Square.
Four explosions ripped across central London on Thursday 7 July 2005. Fifty-six people including the four bombers were killed in the blasts and 700 were injured.

The co-ordinated attack hit three Underground trains and a bus, as the morning's rush hour drew to a close.

The capital's public transport system was halted and a high-level emergency procedure swung into action. All hospitals were full by mid-morning.

Three bombs went off almost simultaneously at about 0850 on Underground trains just outside Liverpool Street and Edgware Road stations, and on another travelling between King's Cross and Russell Square.

The final explosion was on a double-decker bus.

Click on the map above to find out what happened at each location.

Double-decker bus with its roof blown off
King's Cross station with many ambulances outside
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