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Rights and benefits

Destitute asylum seekers are able to claim financial support from the government.

Information on what different people may be eligible for can be found in One Stop Services around the country (see map).

The controversial and widely criticised voucher scheme has been replaced with cash support to those seeking asylum at levels about 30% lower than Income Support offered to UK citizens.

People aged 18-24 receive 29.89 those over 25 get 37.77 while couples are given 59.26.

Lone parents get 37.77, and young adults from 16-17 get 32.50 and children under 16 the sum offered is 33.50.

Other benefits that can be claimed include Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit.

Health and education

Asylum seekers are able to use the National Health Service free of charge, and children are allowed to use public schools.

However, families housed in the planned accommodation centres will have access to their own healthcare and education.

Adults may be able to take free English classes if they have trouble with the language.

Asylum seekers are not able to work in the UK, at first, but they can take up purely voluntary positions.

Again if the asylum process takes more than six months, applicants can apply for a one-off payment of 50 to help pay for things like clothes that may need replacing.

A one-off payment of 300 is also available to help support any new born children.


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