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The Chancellor has spoken - but did he shower you with fiscal favours or does your wallet feel lighter?

Try our Budget Calculator to find out. On two pages we will ask you a few key questions about your finances, and our tax model - developed by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) - will tell you straight away whether you are better off or not.

But please note that taxation is an awfully complicated business, so our model can only give an indication how the Budget 2003 has affected your finances.

We don't calculate, for example, the new Tax Credits, Company Car Taxation, or taxes on Capital.

And finally, your personal data are safe, because all calculations will be carried out on your computer.

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Do you want to see the effects of:

all changes coming into effect this April, including those announced last year


just the new tax measures announced this month

Some of the things announced today merely adjust the tax system for inflation. Do you want to count these as real gains?

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