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Recorded crime in England and Wales, 2001/2002
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Crime figures for LUTON - (population : 183,097)
Offences Total Rate per 1,000 population Average rate per 1,000
population in England & Wales
Violence against the person 2,311 12.6 10.9
Sexual offences 172 0.9 0.7
Robbery offences 606 3.3 1.5
Burglary dwelling offences 1,766 9.6 6.5
Theft of motor vehicle 1,845 10.1 5.0
Theft from vehicle 3,688 20.1 10.9
Key to data
Crime in England and Wales 2001/2002
Crown copyright

Data source:
Home Office Research Development Statistics

For full report, see http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/rds/pdfs2/hosb702.pdf
The figures are based on recorded crimes only. These include incidents reported by victims, or witnessed by the police.
The regional crime figures featured are only broken down into the categories listed below:

  • Violence against the person - includes murder, manslaughter, attempted murder, causing death by dangerous driving, possession of weapons, child abduction, and common assault.
  • Sexual offences - 14 separate offences including rape, attempted rape and indecent assault.
  • Robbery offences - includes any offence in which force or threat of force is used either during or immediately prior to a theft or attempted theft.
  • Burglary dwelling offences - where a person enters a dwelling as a trespasser and with the intent to commit an offence of theft or unlawful damage.
  • Theft of motor vehicle - includes theft of a vehicle and aggravated vehicle taking.
  • Theft from a motor vehicle - includes incidents where there is evidence of intent to commit theft from a vehicle.

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